Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scattered Moment of the Day

Ok, so here is today's scattered moment. I just posted on my Facebook that I was updating my Linked In account. Well when I looked back up at my open tabs I realized that my blog was open. I was like "O yeah I was writing a blog post" then it hit me. How on earth did I get from writing a blog post to updating my Linked In account?!

I clicked back into my blog and realized that in my last post I was talking about Klout. Well, here is what happened. I saw Klout in my post and thought , "O I haven't checked in on Klout in a few days, I wonder what my score is today" *clicks link to Klout*  My score was 48, woo hoo!! Then I saw all the different webpages that Klout uses to evaluate your Klout Score, one of them is Linked In. Well, that reminded me that I had connection requests in Linked In that I hadn't accepted so I opened a new tab and went to Linked In, accepted my requests and then started editing my account.

O boy....I am such a classic case of "Spaghetti"!! I will have to tell you about the difference between "Waffles" and "Spaghetti" another day. ;)

♫ Music makes my heart happy ♫

I had mentioned in one of my posts that I always have some sort of music playing. Well it is true! Music makes my heart happy. <3 I love all types of music, everything from Goth Rock to Pop, or from Classic Rock to yes even a little bit of Country. I'm not really into Country right now, I've have worn that one out a little bit. lol :)

I am amazed at how many different ways we can listen to our favorite songs. We have come a long way from just a few stations of talk radio haven't we?! Now we can listen to the actual radio or we can pick from a plethora of other options as well. We can listen online and pick whether we want to listen to our favorite station or have a website pick random songs based on what our favorite artist/song is. Isn't Pandora just awesome?! Heck we can take our music on the go with iPods & MP3 players.

Well the latest thing I have found is Spotify. It is brand-new to the USA and is in trial mode so you have to get an invite from someone. A lot of celebs have invites for people, I got my account by following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter (not something I am particularly proud of but what ya gunna do?!) Klout is also offering accounts too. Anyway...Spotify is an app that you put on your computer and it will let you listen to anything that your heart desires. You don't have to download any music and as long as you download the Spotify program on your computer you can listen to your playlists on any computer. You can also share songs with your friends by either posting songs to Facebook/Twitter or using Spotify social and sharing them that way too.

I think the thing I like most about Spotify is the "What's New" tab. It gives you a random list of new albums, I think I have found more favorite albums that way. I am always a sucker for trying some new music. I would love to hear what you guys like to listen to, maybe I'll find another "new" band or album. ;)

BTW, I am looking to start a Classic Rock playlist for my Spotify account. I would LOVE to hear what your favorite Classic Rock songs are. I'm looking for some good music to add to my list. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was watching the today show today and am shocked at how twisted this world has become. I was watching a story about a couple who had premarital sex when they were in high school. She was 15 and the boy was 19, in TX the age limit is 17 so now he is living his life labeled as a sex offender because her mother turned him in. The kicker is that now, 15 years later, the two of them are married and have 4 kids. His now mother-in-law has regrets because she was the one that ultimately altered the lives of her daughter and her son-in-law forever.

First of all, I think that people should wait. But the reality is that most don't. I think it is wrong that the family is now being punished for something that was consensual between the two people when they were in high school. Instead he was charged with statutory rape and labeled as someone who is a threat when he is not. I believe that the sex offender list should be for those who are truly a threat to society. I think it is unfair that people who did stupid things when they are young to be punished for the rest of their lives. Everyone does stupid things when they are young and most of the crimes that are committed are either dismissed because they are a minor or are just tiny blemishes on their record.

But sex offenders are a different story. They are labeled forever and have so many restrictions put on them that it is hard for them to get jobs. They are restricted on where they can live and essentially what they can do. I am sure that there are so many people out there that had premarital sex in high school in a similar situation but because no one turned them in they have no consequences now. But because the mother thought that she was doing something for the good of her daughter (which she tried to reverse 1 day after she did it), all of them have to suffer forever.

I think it's wrong, simple as that. Why punish someone for something that they did in high school and let the real monsters go free? You can vote on the Today's Show website as to your opinion, I did. And I voted that he shouldn't be punished anymore.

Today's Show Article:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahhhh Monday....Is yours good, bad or ugly?!

For some reason Monday's always seem to get a bad wrap. Maybe that is because it's after the weekend and people don't really want to go back to work or school. Maybe it's because there always seems to be more work on a Monday as opposed to any other day of the week. There always seem to be more phone calls and more people coming in for appointments, everyone's just trying to get every errand done so they don't have to worry about it the rest of the week. Or maybe it's because we have all been "taught" that Monday is a bad day, so we make it a bad day. I think we can thank Garfield for that one. ;)

I believe that most of the time your days are what you make them. It all depends on how you get out of bed in the morning. However, sometimes a "typical Monday" is unavoidable whether you get up on the "right side of the bed" or not. It's ironic how everything seems to go wrong early on a Monday morning. I curse those Mondays that give the rest of the Mondays a bad wrap.

Now, I completely understand that some days you are just bound to wake up on the "wrong side of the bed"; I know I have and will continue to have those "off" days.  Some days, everything in life is just too much. And I am definitely not saying that I am any different than anyone who may be reading this blog post. Matter of fact, I may have more of those "off" days than you may think.

I picked the background of my blog for a specific reason. (And yes it is relevant, trust me) I really like the "happy-go-lucky" feel it has to it. All of the hearts and rainbows and "Loves" and flowers make me smile. But I really thought that the little skull with cross-bones that they threw in there really added a deeper meaning to the background. To me it really expressed the deeper meaning that life holds for us.

Most of life is made up of happy things, being a kid and jumping in puddles, meeting the love of your life, having kids and overall enjoying the things that make us smile; but not all of life is happy. There are also things that make us sad, someone saying something hurtful, having your heart broken, losing a loved one.

So every time you come to my blog I want you to see the background and think about what is fueling your life on that day. It is okay to have a bad Monday or wake up on the "wrong side of the bed" as long as you remember that not all your life will be like that. There are more good times than bad and whatever bad feeling you may have that day, remember that "this too shall pass". As for the color that I chose for my background (purple) well in World of Warcraft (yes I am a geeky gamer girl) purple symbolizes something that is Epic. So remember that everything in your life, good, bad or ugly is Always going to be Epic. :)

So today's Monday, what kind of day are you having?!

*Update* - Since I have changed my blog background I thought I would post a picture of what it was in the 

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have tried a few different times to start a blog and have always thought that my life just isn't interesting enough to have a blog dedicated to it. LOL Well, I have decided that my life doesn't have to be really interesting in order for me to have a blog. All I have to do is live and breathe and have thoughts and the blog posts will come. So this blog will hopefully become a snapshot of who I am. What makes me tick, what makes my heart all a flutter, what frustrates the heck out of me, what my heart longs for in the future and what makes me love the life that I have now.

Fact 1 about me, I am somewhat scattered. I am a typical woman so my mind can easily go from one topic to another totally random and opposite topic in two seconds flat. I love all sorts of things and can't ever seem to stay focused on a single leisurely project at once. For instance, I have been married 7 years and still haven't finished scrap-booking my wedding pictures. Yes, I know it's bad but it will get done, someday. I always have at least 3 internet tabs open at once and sometimes A LOT more than that, and there is Always music playing. If there isn't music, it's because I'm so engulfed in what I am doing that I forgot to turn it on. LOL

So, in saying all of that, if this blog is to be truly mine, then it will be the same way that I am...Scattered. I wouldn't expect any of my posts to have any sort of common theme or any rhyme or reason. Be prepared to see all the different sides of me, the good, the bad and the frustrated!! LOL My hubby said that my tagline for my blog should be "Life, Food and Makeup" and that would about sum it up. So here's to the first of hopefully many, many blog posts in the future.