Friday, April 20, 2012

Currently in March...uh April

Okay, so yes I have had this list for about a month now. And the only reason I am posting on this one is because I went to Dig Deeper Design's blog and couldn't find one for "Currently in April". lol  So here's my Currently in March...uh April post!! (I'll add a link-up box below if my fellow bloggers want to join in the fun! I'd love to see yours.)

I must admit when I first looked at this list I thought it was a little daunting (that is part of the reason I have had it in my "Drafts" for over a month). I didn't think I was currently doing that many things. My life seems to feel a little boring sometimes. Gotta love it!!! >.< /sigh... There have been a few things on this list that I was like, "I have no clue - skipping that one for now..." lol But overall, they've been pretty easy AND fun to come up with too! ;) Plus I've even added a few of my own!

Currently Counting Down To: The end of the semester. I can't wait for my English class to be OVER!!! My teacher drives me a little batty.
Currently Super Proud: Of my husband. He is in school, going after his dream of being a chef and having his own business someday. Yes, it is a little hard on me, since I've been stuck at home alone most nights, and we are broke so we really go out on the weekends. But none the less, I am proud of him and I would rather see him happy and enjoying himself than stuck in a job that he hates.
Currently Broadening: My nail art horizons! ;)
Currently Thinking: Of new nail designs
Currently Reading: The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss....among other books too...see below
Currently Concluding: That I am a person that can't finish books. My "Currently-Reading" bookshelf on Good Reads keeps growing, but I have very few books on my "Read" bookshelf.
Currently Realizing: That I haven't read enough of Dr. Seuss' books!! All three of the first stories that have been covered in The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss I've never read. Fail Jessica....Utterly. Epic. Fail!
Currently Thinking: I can't believe it's already hit 100 degrees and it's only April!!
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: Pennies?! What pennies?! LOL
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Kansas, Georgia, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah...I have people that I miss!!!
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard:Cookies and lots of them!
Currently Wanting To Learn: Spanish, well maybe not wanting more like needing to learn Spanish.
Currently Wanting To Make: My own "Franken-polish". A nail polish made out of different colors.
Currently Drooling Over: You guess it...Nail Polish - there are so many colors and I want them ALL!!!
Currently Confessing: That I am very tempted to watch Gossip Girl all weekend instead of working on my research paper. However, the research paper is due next Wednesday, so I'd better do that first.
Currently Trying to Decide: What I want to be when I "grow-up." I keep thinking it would be kind of fun to teach - little kids ONLY!! Like 
Currently Listening To: Hmmmm, It's been a lot of Adele. She is still my love and inspiration - maybe one day I'll be like her, confident and not ashamed.
Currently Obsessed With: My iPod...I practically never let it leave my side lol
Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius: New Girl
Currently 2nd Place Comedic Genius: The Big Bang Theory
Currently Addicted To: TV, I never thought I would say But now I have to watch Gossip Girl, Glee, New Girl AND of course The Vampire Diaries every week. I have no DVR and yet I watch most of them when they first air (what does that tell ya). Plus I have been watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, Oh the madness - it never ends!!
Currently Fantasizing About: Fitting into a size 16 dress. Yes, I have one and I can put it on - but it's REALLY tight. I have lost 20lbs over the past couple months tho, so maybe someday, I'll be able to wear that dress. Until then, it will remain in my closet.
Currently Waiting For: Mail - like real live letters and packages. I am waiting for my mom to send me stuff so she can teach me to cross-stitch. :) I love Skype!
Currently Sad Because: I miss TOO many people!!
Currently My Motto: Remember to Breathe!!
Currently Dreaming OfBeing famous on you-tube. Too bad I'm not very confident, scared to death of talking to an audience (even if it's just to a camera), and definitely anxious about posting videos for the whole world to see.
Currently Needing To Update: My blog...hence the blog post!!
Currently Yearning For: Fruit Smoothies - or fruit in general
Currently Want To See In My Closet: Cute, new flip flops - it is that time again!! Mine are getting worn out!
Currently Enjoying: My vanilla coffee from Seattle's Best! mmmmmm <3
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Zoey Deschanel. She is on New Girl and her character is just so cute and spunky. Her character's name is Jess so I relate to her simply by name. But I would love to be completely random like she is in the show. So maybe I have a girl crush on her character. lol
Currently Shopping: No shopping lately :(
Currently Discovered: That yoga is very calming, and it really helps with anxiety. 
Currently Redecorating: Nothing atm
Currently A Few Blogs I'm Loving: A Day in the Life, Love JulieBug, Geeky Peach, and Polish Art Addiction

Alright Your Turn!! Feel free to copy and paste my "Currently's" above or just create your own. :) You don't have to do them all if you don't want to. There are No Rules, just link up if you'd like. :)

The Nail Files 4/20/12 - You get TWO designs! ;)

The Nail Files 

It has been a couple weeks since I've done this link-up, so I have two designs to share with you today. I have Easter's (which I really love) and this weeks, which was puppies. The puppies were super cute too but now it is Friday, which is official "pick off your nail polish because it's chipping and driving you a little crazy" day. lol

First Easter, Bunnies and abstract egg designs! Of course I found the bunny tutorial on you-tube, for the "eggs" with the stripes I used a pink stripper that I have and the green "egg" was all glittery (with both green glitter and a regular glitter). Afterall, you have to have at least one glittery egg on Easter! ;)

Next is this weeks design. Puppies and little paw prints. This is another you-tube copycat. One of these days I'll have to come up with something really original. But until then everyone on you-tube has got such cute ideas! ;)

There was one thing with this design that I had trouble with and that is that the white paw-prints wouldn't stay white. You can't tell in the picture but the green from the base color actually seeped through and made the paw prints a little off-white. Anyone have any tricks on how to stop that when you put white over a base color? 

Here are the tutorials so you can try these out for yourself:



Until next time, keep smilin'... ~ Jessy Ü 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Awwwww I have missed you!!!

I was in a meeting today at work and we were working on a project that could possibly call for a blog. So of course I thought of you, since I did end up showing off my blog. While there, I noticed that my last post was right after Easter on the 9th of April....The 9TH of APRIL?! Really?! Oh I feel so horrible. I really miss blogging. I could tell you that I've been really busy and just haven't gotten around to it. But the honest truth is that I am scared to be at my computer at night when I am all alone, which is almost every night. I know that I shouldn't let my fear overcome me like that, and I am really working on it. But when you live day by day not knowing if you'll have a seizure or not it can really mess with your head if you let it. I have been trying to find peace, and I know that Peace only comes from God. So I've been reading my Bible more. I found a verse right before Easter that has been a good reminder and I have it placed on sticky notes and posted them EVERYWHERE!! Jesus said,

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

He gave this promise and admonition to his disciples just hours before he was dragged away to be crucified. It makes my fears seem so small and insignificant. YAY for finding little promises buried in the Bible! Also other things that relaxing are evening yoga routines and remembering to breathe. Breathing is always a good thing! ;) lol 

So, here is to conquering fear and posting more blog posts!! Since I do miss ya, hopefully I won't stay away for long again. Ü

~ Jessy 

Monday, April 9, 2012

You don't know about Resurrection Rolls?! ...Well now you do!! :)

This year I have been in shock by how many people don't know about Resurrection rolls!!!! It seems everyone that I talk to about them looks at me with a puzzled look and asks, "What are those?." It makes me kind of sad, because they are so great and have such a great symbolism behind them!! For years and years Resurrection rolls have been a tradition at my house. Every Easter it is a roll that we make instead of buying rolls. We make them for two reasons. First they are yummy, yummy, Yummy!! But second, and most importantly, they are a reminder of WHY we celebrate Easter in the first place.

Contrary to some beliefs, Easter is not just about getting candy and having the Easter bunny hide eggs. Granted those are two things that I love about the holiday. I mean, who doesn't love candy?! And coloring eggs and having a bunny "hide" them is just something springy and fun. It let's me know that Spring is here. But the real reason that I celebrate Easter is because it is the day that Christ vanquished death and left an empty tomb in it's place. He died so that I can live. He rose again so that I don't have to sit on the judgement seat when I die. Jesus died so that He could sit in the judgement seat for me. I don't know about you, but I think that is something worth celebrating!!

So keeping all of that in mind, Resurrection rolls are a reminder of the death that Christ conquered. They are baked in such a way that when you split them open, just like Christ's grave on Easter morning, the inside is empty. That is why we bake them every Easter, to give us just another reminder of empty the tomb that Christ left behind.

So here's the basic steps on how to make them: You take bread dough, I usually just "cheat" and get the Rhodes frozen dough, wrap it around a marshmallow and bake it. The coating that you get after baking the roll/marshmallow leaves the center of the roll hollow. The original recipe has you dip the marshmallow in butter and cinnamon/sugar before wrapping it, but I usually don't do it that way.

The original recipe is actually one from Rhodes. I'll link the recipe below so you can follow it if you want to. I am very surprised, but Rhodes actually explains the symbolism behind the rolls, including why you use the butter and cinnamon/sugar.

So, I know that Easter is over, but I hope that you will start this tradition next year. Or if you ever need a reminder some other time of the year, you can bake them then too! Ü

Resurrection Roll Recipe

Monday, April 2, 2012

Musical Monday 4/2/12

Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays is a link-up specifically for music. I want to know what you are listening to this week (or what you listened to last week). I encourage you to have some fun with this. Write a blog post about what you are listening to, include my logo in your post and then post the link to your blog post in the link-up box below. I can't wait to read about what you are listening to!!

Btw if you're not a blogger, you can still join in the fun. Just post a comment about what you are listening to in the comment box below.

Last week I gave you a list of songs from my iPod when it was on shuffle. This week I am going to tell you about Spotify! Now, I have done at least one blog post about Spotify in the past, but I thought this is a fitting topic for this link-up.

If you haven't heard already, Spotify is a free downloadable program that you can put on your computers. You can pull in the music from your computer, find new music, create playlists, follow your friends and subscribe to other peoples playlists. You don't have to download any music and I have yet to find something that they don't have. The best part about it is that you can log-in on any computer that has the program and you have access to ALL of your playlists.

Spotify is free but of course they also have Spotify Premium that you can purchase. It's ad-free and you can take your music mobile, so you can listen to your playlists anywhere, anytime. I have not done this, but it is very tempting. LOL

Now that you know what Spotify is I can tell you what I listened to this week; I've been listening to one of my playlists, it's called "In a Funk". Now originally I created this playlist for when I was in a Funk and kinda depressed. However, now I have added so many great songs to it that I listen to it anytime, not just when I'm depressed. The majority of the music is done by artists that are out of the spotlight, well at least out of my spotlight.

Here are some of the artists on this playlist: Blue October, City and Colour, Damien Rice, Death Cab for a Cutie, Adele (now she's one of my loves but fairly new to my spotlight), and several others too.

Here is a taste of some of my favorite songs from the "In a Funk" playlist:

The Worry List - Blue October *
Breathe (2 am) - Anna Nalick
Collide - Howie Day
Make You Feel My Love - Adele
The Death of Me - City and Colour
Crashed - Daughtry
Misguided Ghosts - Paramore

*Explicit (only a couple cuss words)

If you want to download Spotify click HERE. Also, if you have an account and want to find me on Spotify just click HERE. I hope you all enjoy Spotify as much as I do, and I hope to have some new followers soon! :)

If you are a blogger, don't forget to link up in the box below!! Until next time ~ Jessy Ü