Friday, April 20, 2012

Currently in March...uh April

Okay, so yes I have had this list for about a month now. And the only reason I am posting on this one is because I went to Dig Deeper Design's blog and couldn't find one for "Currently in April". lol  So here's my Currently in March...uh April post!! (I'll add a link-up box below if my fellow bloggers want to join in the fun! I'd love to see yours.)

I must admit when I first looked at this list I thought it was a little daunting (that is part of the reason I have had it in my "Drafts" for over a month). I didn't think I was currently doing that many things. My life seems to feel a little boring sometimes. Gotta love it!!! >.< /sigh... There have been a few things on this list that I was like, "I have no clue - skipping that one for now..." lol But overall, they've been pretty easy AND fun to come up with too! ;) Plus I've even added a few of my own!

Currently Counting Down To: The end of the semester. I can't wait for my English class to be OVER!!! My teacher drives me a little batty.
Currently Super Proud: Of my husband. He is in school, going after his dream of being a chef and having his own business someday. Yes, it is a little hard on me, since I've been stuck at home alone most nights, and we are broke so we really go out on the weekends. But none the less, I am proud of him and I would rather see him happy and enjoying himself than stuck in a job that he hates.
Currently Broadening: My nail art horizons! ;)
Currently Thinking: Of new nail designs
Currently Reading: The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss....among other books too...see below
Currently Concluding: That I am a person that can't finish books. My "Currently-Reading" bookshelf on Good Reads keeps growing, but I have very few books on my "Read" bookshelf.
Currently Realizing: That I haven't read enough of Dr. Seuss' books!! All three of the first stories that have been covered in The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss I've never read. Fail Jessica....Utterly. Epic. Fail!
Currently Thinking: I can't believe it's already hit 100 degrees and it's only April!!
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: Pennies?! What pennies?! LOL
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Kansas, Georgia, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah...I have people that I miss!!!
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard:Cookies and lots of them!
Currently Wanting To Learn: Spanish, well maybe not wanting more like needing to learn Spanish.
Currently Wanting To Make: My own "Franken-polish". A nail polish made out of different colors.
Currently Drooling Over: You guess it...Nail Polish - there are so many colors and I want them ALL!!!
Currently Confessing: That I am very tempted to watch Gossip Girl all weekend instead of working on my research paper. However, the research paper is due next Wednesday, so I'd better do that first.
Currently Trying to Decide: What I want to be when I "grow-up." I keep thinking it would be kind of fun to teach - little kids ONLY!! Like 
Currently Listening To: Hmmmm, It's been a lot of Adele. She is still my love and inspiration - maybe one day I'll be like her, confident and not ashamed.
Currently Obsessed With: My iPod...I practically never let it leave my side lol
Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius: New Girl
Currently 2nd Place Comedic Genius: The Big Bang Theory
Currently Addicted To: TV, I never thought I would say But now I have to watch Gossip Girl, Glee, New Girl AND of course The Vampire Diaries every week. I have no DVR and yet I watch most of them when they first air (what does that tell ya). Plus I have been watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, Oh the madness - it never ends!!
Currently Fantasizing About: Fitting into a size 16 dress. Yes, I have one and I can put it on - but it's REALLY tight. I have lost 20lbs over the past couple months tho, so maybe someday, I'll be able to wear that dress. Until then, it will remain in my closet.
Currently Waiting For: Mail - like real live letters and packages. I am waiting for my mom to send me stuff so she can teach me to cross-stitch. :) I love Skype!
Currently Sad Because: I miss TOO many people!!
Currently My Motto: Remember to Breathe!!
Currently Dreaming OfBeing famous on you-tube. Too bad I'm not very confident, scared to death of talking to an audience (even if it's just to a camera), and definitely anxious about posting videos for the whole world to see.
Currently Needing To Update: My blog...hence the blog post!!
Currently Yearning For: Fruit Smoothies - or fruit in general
Currently Want To See In My Closet: Cute, new flip flops - it is that time again!! Mine are getting worn out!
Currently Enjoying: My vanilla coffee from Seattle's Best! mmmmmm <3
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Zoey Deschanel. She is on New Girl and her character is just so cute and spunky. Her character's name is Jess so I relate to her simply by name. But I would love to be completely random like she is in the show. So maybe I have a girl crush on her character. lol
Currently Shopping: No shopping lately :(
Currently Discovered: That yoga is very calming, and it really helps with anxiety. 
Currently Redecorating: Nothing atm
Currently A Few Blogs I'm Loving: A Day in the Life, Love JulieBug, Geeky Peach, and Polish Art Addiction

Alright Your Turn!! Feel free to copy and paste my "Currently's" above or just create your own. :) You don't have to do them all if you don't want to. There are No Rules, just link up if you'd like. :)

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