Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mathematics is so fun! ....Not

Classes have started again, can you tell?  I can't believe I haven't posted anything since December! I do miss posting on my blog but I am so busy trying to keep up with 3 classes, and a full time job, that it just doesn't happen. Neither does cleaning... Anyone wanna be my houses Mommy? I also have no social life, I miss my friends. :( But I am working toward a goal, and I'm so ready to graduate. This time next year, I'll be in my last semester of classes!

I'm taking creative writing this semester. For this class, we have two major submissions that we have to do. For the submissions we can either write poetry, or short stories, but whatever we write has to be at least 5 pages long. I figured for my first assignment poetry would be easiest since I could submit up to 5 poems, and I already had a couple that I've written in the past. So that's what I did, I wrote 5 poems. I am also taking math this semester, and am struggling (at least I feel like I am). Math has never been my strong subject, not even my mediocre subject.

Of course I waited until the last second to write all of the poems that I needed to write, and was having a hard time coming up with topics to write about. My friend Jill had the brilliant idea to write about math, so I did.

Since my Creative Writing class is online I have to submit my assignments to a discussion board where my peers read and critique it. My Mathematics poem seems to be their favorite, so I thought I'd share it with you too.

Mathematics by Jessica Bradford

Oh mathematics, how I loathe you
I wish of you I had no part.
You are so strict with numbers
Don’t you even have a heart?

Oh mathematics, how I hate you
How come you are so mean?
Good thing you’re not an evil doctor
I‘m sure you would rip out my spleen.

Oh mathematics, I abhor you
To me you have no charm,
I can’t stand to take much more of you
I’d prefer living on the funny farm.

Oh mathematics, you are repugnant
I’m not sure what anyone sees in you,
I know you are adored by some
But something tells me there are very few

Oh mathematics, you are a nuisance
Why can’t problems solve themselves?
I see you won’t give me answers
So I’ll keep a pocket full of elves

Oh mathematics, you are repulsive
It’s no wonder X can’t ever find Y,
Y hates mathematics so much
She never sticks around to say goodbye.

Oh mathematics, you are so backward
You’re never in your right mind,
I’ll go so far to say you’re crazy
That is why Y you’ll never find.

Oh mathematics, I harbor resentment
To me you are no friend,
Matter of fact I think you hate me
You hate me to the bitter end.

I hope you enjoyed my poem! I'll try to blog more, but I may just end up sharing more poetry. LOL

Till Next Time,