Saturday, May 28, 2016

Website? What website? - Into Jessy's Interwebs

HI!!! :D
It has been forever since I've posted anything on my blog. The past year of my life has consisted of nothing but full-time school, and full-time work, so my blog has taken the back seat for a while. I have great news, I graduated from college!!! YAY!! I am so glad to be done. Hopefully you will be seeing more blog posts now.

I  have all sorts of graduation pics to post, and time to catch up on, but I wanted to do something mindless tonight. I have had part of this post just sitting in my draft folder forever, so I decided I wanted to finish it.

When I go to websites I tend to just start typing in the address in my web browsers address bar. I never include the www, since most web browsers do that for you now. I've noticed that my computer will also automatically populate the website that it thinks I'm going to, based on sites I've visited before. I thought it would be interesting to see what websites I visit most, so I opened a browser, typed one letter, and the following are the websites that auto populated:

C: couch-tuner
E: emedexpert
K: No Website
O: onemedicalpassport
Q: No Website
R: No Website
S: stream-tv
T: tv-series
U: No Website
V: Random Search Criteria
W: No Website
X: No Website
Z: No Website

A, L, and M prove that I work too hard.
B proves that I am truly am a geeky gamer girl
E and O are two random medical websites. E is probably not the most reliable website, I was clearly off on some sort of medical search tangent.
J really surprised me...I think I've visited JC Penny's website maybe once, like, forever ago. Obviously I don't visit any other sites that start with the letter J. 
 F, G, H, I, N, and Y  I could've just typed into this form without doing the actual search, they are my "go to" websites. 
There are a few letters that didn't auto populate, one that just returned a search term, and a few that I have edited because they are potentially dangerous sites. Lots of pop-ups, and I'm sure viruses galore. But, but...TV lol

I had fun doing this. It was a complete waste of time, but fun and kinda interesting too. So if you're ever bored and want to do something completely pointless, try this and let me know what auto populates for you.

I'll write again soon, and maybe next time it'll even be something more related to life. lol
Jessy :)