Monday, February 27, 2017

The Tiny Untruth

I stole this picture from one of my friends blogs because it spoke to my heart. I have a hard time with trying to be "perfect." Deep down I know that will never, ever happen - because no one is perfect. But learning to live with imperfections is a hard thing for me to do. I want everyone to believe that I have it all together, and that everything in my life is storybook perfect . Truth is - I don't have it all together, and my life isn't a fairy tale. I just have to come to terms with that, and stop telling (or trying to convince) myself that it's true.

In my yoga class I was encouraged to reflect on the word, Satya. Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth. The concept of truthfulness in this sense is to not only be truthful in speech and action, but also in thought. This part of the concept was lost on me, until I really focused on it. I have come to realize that is possible to be untruthful with myself. The tiny untruth is found in those times when I try to convince myself that everything is fine - even when I know it's not.

The good thing is that realization is the first step to change. I plan to seek the truth in all aspects of my life, and encourage you to speak only truth to yourself as well.

What tiny untruths do you tell yourself?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Website? What website? - Into Jessy's Interwebs

HI!!! :D
It has been forever since I've posted anything on my blog. The past year of my life has consisted of nothing but full-time school, and full-time work, so my blog has taken the back seat for a while. I have great news, I graduated from college!!! YAY!! I am so glad to be done. Hopefully you will be seeing more blog posts now.

I  have all sorts of graduation pics to post, and time to catch up on, but I wanted to do something mindless tonight. I have had part of this post just sitting in my draft folder forever, so I decided I wanted to finish it.

When I go to websites I tend to just start typing in the address in my web browsers address bar. I never include the www, since most web browsers do that for you now. I've noticed that my computer will also automatically populate the website that it thinks I'm going to, based on sites I've visited before. I thought it would be interesting to see what websites I visit most, so I opened a browser, typed one letter, and the following are the websites that auto populated:

C: couch-tuner
E: emedexpert
K: No Website
O: onemedicalpassport
Q: No Website
R: No Website
S: stream-tv
T: tv-series
U: No Website
V: Random Search Criteria
W: No Website
X: No Website
Z: No Website

A, L, and M prove that I work too hard.
B proves that I am truly am a geeky gamer girl
E and O are two random medical websites. E is probably not the most reliable website, I was clearly off on some sort of medical search tangent.
J really surprised me...I think I've visited JC Penny's website maybe once, like, forever ago. Obviously I don't visit any other sites that start with the letter J. 
 F, G, H, I, N, and Y  I could've just typed into this form without doing the actual search, they are my "go to" websites. 
There are a few letters that didn't auto populate, one that just returned a search term, and a few that I have edited because they are potentially dangerous sites. Lots of pop-ups, and I'm sure viruses galore. But, but...TV lol

I had fun doing this. It was a complete waste of time, but fun and kinda interesting too. So if you're ever bored and want to do something completely pointless, try this and let me know what auto populates for you.

I'll write again soon, and maybe next time it'll even be something more related to life. lol
Jessy :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Latest Obsession...You Know You Want to Know

Those of you who know me well, know that I tend to go a little crazy sometimes. When I fall in love with something, I fall in Looove, and can take it to the extreme. Take nail art for example, or Doctor Who... I mean, who sets goals to own 200 bottles of nail polish (and has 100). Or who goes out and buys all of the Doctor Who memorabilia at Hot Topic? This girl, that's who. Okay, so don't own *Everything* that Hot Topic sells that is Doctor Who related. But I do have a couple coffee mugs, a journal, T-shirts, necklace, key-chains, pens, buttons (which are magnets now), DVD's, my mom made me a bag out of Tardis material, and someone even got me a blanket for Christmas. Also my wallet may, or may not, look like a Tardis. lol

Well, the latest thing that I am in love with is TimeHop - yes, the app. I love that it shows you Facebook and Twitter posts, and pictures from your past. Andy and I got new phones recently, and I think I secretly wanted a new phone just so I could have the TimeHop app. Shhh, don't tell. lol But it was one of the first apps that I downloaded.

I know it's not a bad thing to want to remember moments from your past. But you know it's kinda crazy when you find yourself going back through everything, including blog posts. lol So in light of my slight obsession with TimeHop, I give to you, a few past blog posts. I have chosen to post one from this day (or as close to this day as possible) since I started my blog in 2011. Oddly enough the first two were posted on August 16th. The other two in early October. :)

September 16th 2011:

September 16th 2012:

October 13th 2013:

October 1st 2014:

I really enjoyed going back and reading old blog posts, I hope you enjoyed it too!

Until next time,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mathematics is so fun! ....Not

Classes have started again, can you tell?  I can't believe I haven't posted anything since December! I do miss posting on my blog but I am so busy trying to keep up with 3 classes, and a full time job, that it just doesn't happen. Neither does cleaning... Anyone wanna be my houses Mommy? I also have no social life, I miss my friends. :( But I am working toward a goal, and I'm so ready to graduate. This time next year, I'll be in my last semester of classes!

I'm taking creative writing this semester. For this class, we have two major submissions that we have to do. For the submissions we can either write poetry, or short stories, but whatever we write has to be at least 5 pages long. I figured for my first assignment poetry would be easiest since I could submit up to 5 poems, and I already had a couple that I've written in the past. So that's what I did, I wrote 5 poems. I am also taking math this semester, and am struggling (at least I feel like I am). Math has never been my strong subject, not even my mediocre subject.

Of course I waited until the last second to write all of the poems that I needed to write, and was having a hard time coming up with topics to write about. My friend Jill had the brilliant idea to write about math, so I did.

Since my Creative Writing class is online I have to submit my assignments to a discussion board where my peers read and critique it. My Mathematics poem seems to be their favorite, so I thought I'd share it with you too.

Mathematics by Jessica Bradford

Oh mathematics, how I loathe you
I wish of you I had no part.
You are so strict with numbers
Don’t you even have a heart?

Oh mathematics, how I hate you
How come you are so mean?
Good thing you’re not an evil doctor
I‘m sure you would rip out my spleen.

Oh mathematics, I abhor you
To me you have no charm,
I can’t stand to take much more of you
I’d prefer living on the funny farm.

Oh mathematics, you are repugnant
I’m not sure what anyone sees in you,
I know you are adored by some
But something tells me there are very few

Oh mathematics, you are a nuisance
Why can’t problems solve themselves?
I see you won’t give me answers
So I’ll keep a pocket full of elves

Oh mathematics, you are repulsive
It’s no wonder X can’t ever find Y,
Y hates mathematics so much
She never sticks around to say goodbye.

Oh mathematics, you are so backward
You’re never in your right mind,
I’ll go so far to say you’re crazy
That is why Y you’ll never find.

Oh mathematics, I harbor resentment
To me you are no friend,
Matter of fact I think you hate me
You hate me to the bitter end.

I hope you enjoyed my poem! I'll try to blog more, but I may just end up sharing more poetry. LOL

Till Next Time,

Monday, December 15, 2014

30 Things About Me: 10 Biggest Pet Peeves

I have been thinking up some of my pet peeves for a while now. Due to that these are in no particular order, just jotted them down as I thought of them. *Warning* I rant in this post, sorry. LOL

1. "Share This or Die" Photos/Stories on Facebook
You know the pics that I'm talking about, they are usually heartfelt stories that end with something like "now share this picture/story or you'll die." Okay, I'm being overly dramatic. But seriously, can't we just share something to share it and not have some ultimatum or threat hanging at the end? I saw one that set me off and it said "Share this in 2 seconds if you love your mother" All I could think was "REally?!?!" I didn't share it which obviously in someone's head means that I must hate my mother. Guess what? I don't hate my mother, I love her so very, very much and I don't have to share a picture in order to prove that.

2. "Horrible" Facebook posts
Okay so it seems that some of my pet peeves have something to do with Facebook Posts. If only all of my friends weren't on there, still I may need a break from Facebook. This pet peeve is the people who post Horrible stories on Facebook. Stories of abuse, cops beating people, neglected children/pets, etc... Little fact about me, I Never watch the news. You know why? Because all they do is give you weather reports and tell people all of these horrible stories. There may be an uplifting story once every 3 months or so. So guess what, I don't need/want to see this crap on my Facebook news feed either.

3. People that don't enunciate or talk too fast when leaving voice-mails
Dear people who call me,
If you want me to call you back, please be sure to say your name Clearly, and slow down when saying your phone number. I really don't like listening to your message 8 million times because I'm trying to make out what you're saying.
Annoyed Voice-mail Listener

4. 8 Words...
"When are you going to have a baby?" This question annoys me beyond compare. Yes, the topic of kids is a very sensitive subject for me because we have been trying (and failing) for years. But myself aside, the "when are you" life questions are the worst. Just because someone doesn't have kids, or isn't married doesn't mean that they don't have those wants or desires. On the contrary, those are usually the things that someone constantly hopes and prays for. And let me tell ya, having someone constantly asking "when are you [fill in the blank]" is aggravating and emotionally draining. Everyone's journey is different, so stop asking. Just love those around you and don't be pushy; it will happen when it happens.

5.  This...nuff said. 

6. Annoying Employee Emails
Dear Annoying Co-worker,
Please stop spamming my inbox with crap emails. I don't care about your politics, I'm not one of your students so you don't need to send me crap about your classes. And for heavens' sake STOP using all caps!!! >.< You seriously tick me off and are lucky that I don't lash out.
Your co-worker who's losing their patience
P.S. Pet Peeve #5 is about you too 

7. Fake "Friends" 
You know the type, they are the friends that only say "Hi" to you in passing and only when they feel like it. I can think of a few people that say "Hi, how are you? We should do lunch sometime" and then you never hear from them again. Now I know this happens with sincere friends too but there is a difference between the two conversations. It's a difference that I can't quite put a finger on but you know what I mean.

8. Being Placed on Hold
I don't what is more annoying, the music that is played, the recordings that come on to tell you that someone will be with you. Or the fact that the music always starts back at the beginning after the recording is played.

9. Being Called "Ma'am"
I know that some people are raised to say "Yes Ma'am" or "Yes, Sir." But all this does is make me feel old. Please don't call me Ma'am. lol

10. Being Called Jennifer
I honestly don't know why this wasn't the first thing that I thought And you'd think that it doesn't happen often, I mean Jessica and Jennifer aren't really spelled the same. But it happens ALL the time! I have students that I have known for years, and they still call me Jennifer. lol

This post has been months in the making...if you made it to the end of my rants I applaud you! You are a true friend and must really love me - or at least love my blog. LOL

Jessy <3