Wednesday, February 19, 2014

70 Questions

I saw this on Facebook and decided it would be better as a blog post than a status. lol ...she wrote probably 6 months ago...Yeah this has been sitting in my draft box for a while.

1. Full name: Jessica Dawn Bradford
2. Nickname: Jessy
3. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
4. Elementary school: Copperview
8. Tall or short: Short and proud of it!
9. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
10. Apples or Oranges: Apples - my favorite are Golden Delicious
11. Do you have a crush on someone: That's kind of a childish question, then again...Can I have a crush on an actor?! lol 

12. Eat or drink: Depends, I like both
13. Piercings: Just my ears, cuz I'm boring like that ;)
14. Pepsi or coke: Regular Coke, Cherry Pepsi

Have you ever...
16. Been in an airplane ? Yep
17. Been in a relationship ? Yes
18. Been in a car accident ? Yes
19. Been in a fist fight ? No

Firsts & lasts
20. First Piercing: My ears
21. First Best friend: That would be a toss up between Olivia and Kimmee. I've known them both just about as long as the other.

22. First Award: First one I remember (through pictures) was a beauty pageant.
23. First Love: Is that real love or crush? First crush was Quinn, and first real love is Andy.
24. First Word: I don't remember it, but my mom says it was "Papa" :)
25. Last person you talked to in person: Paul
26. Last person you texted: Andy
27. Last friend you watched a movie with: Andy, my hubby :)
28. Last food you ate: Does Dove chocolate count? If not then it was homemade Chicken Gnocchi soup
29. Last movie you watched in theaters: Ummmm....yeah it's been so long I can't remember
30. Last song you listened to? Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin

31. Last thing you bought: Idk probably coffee, *thinks back over the past day or so* yep, definitely coffee :)
32. Last person you hugged: Karley

33. Food? Mexican

34. Drink? Coffee
35. Flower? Roses and Daisies (love the combo)

36. Animal? Cat
37. Color? I love ALL the colors, except that really yucky green color. Yeah, you know the one.

38. Place? Balboa California
39. Movie? my favorite movie will be The Princess Bride - I'm sure it will be something different tomorrow.
40. Subject? School subject?! I can tell you which is my LEAST favorite ...Math 

Have you ever . . .
41. Fallen in love with someone? Yes, I married him <3
42. Celebrated Halloween? Yes, but oddly enough I celebrate it more now that I'm an adult. lol

43. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone? Nope, thank you unlimited talk/text
44. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? Yes, definitely
45. Eaten a whole pizza? Nope
46. Did something you regret?
Hasn't everyone? 
47. Broke a promise? See above, #46. 
48. Hid a secret?
See above, #46. That's what good friends do right?! ;)
49. Pretend to be happy? See above, #46.

Your future...
50. Want kids? More than most may realize
51. Want to get married? Been there, done that, still am. :)
52. Career? Hmmmm, I kinda like where I am. But if I had to pick maybe a teacher or a counselor

Which is better in the opposite gender?
53. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
54. Shorter or taller: Taller, but not too tall

55. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
56. Hook up or relationship: Relationship
57. Looks or personality: Can I have both? LOL Okay, okay...personality over looks

Have you ever...
58. Lost Glasses/Contacts? Yes, glasses but they've always turned up

59. Snuck Out? Hmmm, not that I remember but I'm sure I have
60. Held a gun/knife for self defense? Thankfully I've never had to

61. Broke someones heart? Yes, I'm sure I have
62. Been in love? How many times is this question going to be on this list? YES, I have been!!
63. Been arrested? Nope

Do you believe in
64. Yourself?

65. Miracles? Yes
66. Love at first sight? Yes
67. Santa? Yes, he is my favorite! :D
68. Forever & Always? Yes

69. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes
70. Who are your real friends? Oh there are quite a few: Sarah, Rachel, Jill, Julie, Crystal...just to name a few.

Friday, February 14, 2014

10 Years?!


Today I celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary! I can't believe its been that long. God blessed me with a wonderful man to spend my life with. Andy and I have completely different personalities but we are the same in ways that really matter, like the fact that neither of us like sports. LOL ;) No but seriously, we both love God and we love each other, that's all that really matters. 

I must cut this short because Andy has got quite the day planned but I wanted to just commemorate this day to him. I love you Andy and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years has planned for us! 

Jessy <3