Friday, March 30, 2012

The Nail Files! 3/30/12

The Nail Files 

I am SUPER excited!!! I FINALLY got my dotting tools!!! They seriously shipped from China. The packaging was all Chinese lettering. LOL Well, I had to try them out, of course! ;) I had 3 different ideas that I wanted to try and couldn't make up my mind. Soooo, of course I took a Facebook poll from my friends, the sheep won!! I did promise to do the other designs too, so be expecting little chickies and a puppy design soon. ;) 

Here are my sheep! 

I love the little black sheep, he is so rebellious! ;) LOL Next time I think I am going to make the sheep stand on the grass instead of covering up the grass. And a cloud stamp would make these, super, SUPER cute! I really need to invest in some stamps. LOL

Of course this design is a copy cat design from a tutorial that I found on YouTube which is HERE

Until next time, keep smilin'... ~ Jessy Ü 

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a Brand New Link-up!!! Musical Monday!

Musical Mondays

Ok, so I tried to start this new link-up a couple of weeks ago. I had it all ready and scheduled and then when the day came my entire post was gone!!! I have no clue what happened but what's great about weekly posts is that there is always the next week. :) So here's to a brand new link-up!

As most of you know I love music! My taste is extremely varied, as you will see. I am always on the look out for something new to listen to, so I thought I'd try out a new link-up. Musical Mondays is a link-up specifically for music. I want to know what you are listening to this week (or what you listened to last week). I encourage you to have some fun with this. Write a blog post about what you are listening to, include my logo in your post and then post the link to your blog post in the link-up box below. I can't wait to read about what you are listening to!!

To give you an idea of how varied my taste in music is I am going to post some songs, with the you tube links, below. I have 20 random songs that I got by putting my iPod on shuffle. So enjoy and I can't wait to see what you post.

1. Innocent by Our Lady Peace
2. Beaches of Cheyenne by Garth Brooks
3. I Can Do Better by Avril Lavigne *
4. I'm Not Coming Home by Maroon 5
5. Give A Little Bit by The Goo Goo Dolls
6. With Me by Chris Tomlin
7. Science Fiction Double Feature by Glee Cast
8. He Wasn't by Avril Lavigne
9. Stupid in Love by Rihanna
10. Against the Grain by City and Colour
11. Everything by Lifehouse
12. Loser Like Me by Glee Cast
13. Infected from Repo! The Genetic Opera *
14. Funhouse by P!nk
15. Trio Sonata by John Williams
16. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx
17. Blasphemous Rumors by Depche Mode
18. I Caught Myself by Paramore
19. Burn It Up by Jessie James
20. Need You Tonight by INXS*
* Explicit/Adult Content

Btw if you're not a blogger, you can still join in the fun. Just post a comment about what you are listening to in the comment box below.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Nail Files!!

It's Friday, so that means The Nail Files link up!!! Since tomorrow is St. Patty's Day I've been sporting this cute Shamrock look all week. It's green tips, orange dots and cute green shamrocks. I think it turned out super cute!! 

Some of the shamrocks look more like palm leaves but they are still cute! Have I mentioned lately that I can't wait for my dotting tools to come in?! Seriously they shipped from CHINA!! So it will still be a But I already have a cute copy design in the waiting ring for when I get them! ;) lol 

Have a fantastic weekend and try not to get too wasted tomorrow! I'll be staying at home where it is safe and I won't be drinking so someone can have a drink for me. ;) TTFN! ~ Jessy

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Okay Thursday and Thankful Thursday too!!

It's Okay...

...that I don't have the cute little logo for this blog post.

...that I had seizure activity yesterday for no apparent reason. (ah the joys of having epilepsy >.>)

...that I spent yesterday and today in bed.

...that the only reason I have stayed in bed today is because my anxiety is keeping me here.

...that I am still trying to convince myself that all of these things are okay...

...that miss too many people to name.

...that this post sounds like complaints.

I really just needed to get them out... add Thankful Thursday in order to remind myself what I am thankful for.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful...

...that it was just seizure activity yesterday and not a seizure.

...for texting and Facebook, they help keep me in touch with those that I miss.

...for my iPod touch, without which I would be bored and not writing this blog post.

...that all of this is happening over Spring break and I'm not missing work. (that would just cause more anxiety)

...for Adele, she helps calm my nerves.

...for my husband who is always there to support me, no matter what the situation.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Valentine Kisses Giveaway!!

Ok, gals I am not fully awake yet so it may not be wise to blog but, but...I must have more entries for this awesome giveaway!!! So how could you blame me ?!

Valentine Kisses blog is at it again, she has another awesome giveaway for the month of March. Check out the phat lootz...

You can call be weird but my inner punk rock star *Really* wants the blue washable hair dye!!! Like really bad! LOL Like even more than the nail polish "stickers"...Are they stickers? I can't think of the word right now (not fully awake remember?!). 

Okay, so if you like makeup and want to win these phat lootz, head on over to Valentine Kisses blog post and sign up! HERE is the link to her post. 

Have fun and good luck!! Oh and if you win and want to thank the person that told you about it, you can always send me the blue hair dye. LOL just kidding ;) 

~ Jessy 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday 3.7.12

It has been a long time since I've done a Pinteresting Wednesday post!! I thought I would put on together for ya! ;) Here goes....


Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Pretty Color!! 

I wish I'd seen this shelf *Before* I dropped the dryer sheets behind my dryer!! lol

I always knew nail polish was therapeutic! ;)


It's a little hard to read...but they are hilarious!! :)

It all makes so much sense now!! lol

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday!! :)

Ok, I almost made it without posting food...but seriously how could I pass up Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip?! I couldn't...I just simply couldn't!! LOL

Until next time!! - Jessy

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Nail Files

The Nail Files

I really liked doing The Nail Files link up last week.So here is the design that I had this week. My nail polish girly moved away this past weekend so I've been saying that my nails have been in mourning all week. Of course I'm just kidding...kind of... lol 

Anyway, I just did black tips which I taped off with scotch tape. But after seeing the results I concluded that I should've just free-handed the tips like I usually do. LOL Once the tips were dry I put glitter on them too, because let's face it, everything is better with glitter! ;) lol Lastly, I added a little heart, which I fashioned with the back of a tiny paintbrush (aka my makeshift doting tool - at least until my new ones come in!!) As for the rest of my nail, it is just my natural nail with base coat and top coat. 

I hope you guys like this little design, it was super easy! Until next time...
Jessy :)

Oh, I did want to mention my next project...something to do with Spring!! I am such a girl and I love giveaways. Sally Girl Cosmetics on Facebook is hosting a giveaway for posting a picture that has to do with Spring Beauty trends. week hopefully there will be a spring design on my Nail Files post!!

If you want more information about the giveaway checkout Sally Girl Cosmetics on Facebook. "Like" them and then visit their Sally Girl Giveaway tab for more info. :)