Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a Brand New Link-up!!! Musical Monday!

Musical Mondays

Ok, so I tried to start this new link-up a couple of weeks ago. I had it all ready and scheduled and then when the day came my entire post was gone!!! I have no clue what happened but what's great about weekly posts is that there is always the next week. :) So here's to a brand new link-up!

As most of you know I love music! My taste is extremely varied, as you will see. I am always on the look out for something new to listen to, so I thought I'd try out a new link-up. Musical Mondays is a link-up specifically for music. I want to know what you are listening to this week (or what you listened to last week). I encourage you to have some fun with this. Write a blog post about what you are listening to, include my logo in your post and then post the link to your blog post in the link-up box below. I can't wait to read about what you are listening to!!

To give you an idea of how varied my taste in music is I am going to post some songs, with the you tube links, below. I have 20 random songs that I got by putting my iPod on shuffle. So enjoy and I can't wait to see what you post.

1. Innocent by Our Lady Peace
2. Beaches of Cheyenne by Garth Brooks
3. I Can Do Better by Avril Lavigne *
4. I'm Not Coming Home by Maroon 5
5. Give A Little Bit by The Goo Goo Dolls
6. With Me by Chris Tomlin
7. Science Fiction Double Feature by Glee Cast
8. He Wasn't by Avril Lavigne
9. Stupid in Love by Rihanna
10. Against the Grain by City and Colour
11. Everything by Lifehouse
12. Loser Like Me by Glee Cast
13. Infected from Repo! The Genetic Opera *
14. Funhouse by P!nk
15. Trio Sonata by John Williams
16. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx
17. Blasphemous Rumors by Depche Mode
18. I Caught Myself by Paramore
19. Burn It Up by Jessie James
20. Need You Tonight by INXS*
* Explicit/Adult Content

Btw if you're not a blogger, you can still join in the fun. Just post a comment about what you are listening to in the comment box below.


  1. Yay! I will try to get mine up today. :)

  2. your in trouble now, I dont think the server can handle my list. Its a matter of how Im feeling at the time which dictates my playlist. I got four playlists, ANGRY, Sleep, Super, Workout. Simple names but very long playlists. But for the sake of being brief here, I will list the top 20 songs I play on the iPhone.

    #1 - Alone and Forsaken (Cover) by Social Distortion
    #2 - Alone and Forsaken (Original) by Hank Williams
    #3 - Let's Get Rocked by Def Leppard
    #4 - Your Betrayal by Bullet for My Valentine
    #5 - Like A Prayer by Madonna (your like ?!?! well I like the song)
    #6 - Only by Anthrax
    #7 - Not Stong Enough by Apocalyptica feat. Brent Smith
    #8 - Hold On by All that Remains
    #9 - Help is on the Way by Rise Against
    #10 - Falling by Staind
    #11 - Hesitate by Stone Sour
    #12 - See You on the Other Side by Ozzy Osbourne
    #13 - Under Pressure by Queen
    #14 - Blue Clear Sky by George Strait
    #15 - Run by George Strait
    #16 - Midlife Crisis by Faith No More
    #17 - Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
    #18 - Thunderstruck by AC/DC
    #19 - Break by Three Days Grace
    #20 - Can't Stop Lovin' You (which according to iTunes Ive played 422 times which is like 1000% more than any of the others. Im pretty sure Ive not listened to that one that many)

  3. Sigh...forgot to add the aritist/band for that last song....its by Van Halen

  4. LOL! Danny you crack me up! You are getting no judgement from me regarding number 5 - Madonna Rocks!! I am really kind of surprised by your list of songs. I honestly expected more Country music. LOL

  5. Well I did grow up with Country but its not really something I liked a awful lot some things yea but not everything. I really liked the alternative stuff in the 90's the best. I also have select songs I like from like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and even Back Street Boys. I even got some classical stuff. ooo one song I suggest give a go, its called Requiem for a Dream
    I might have sent this to ya before but whatever its a epic song.