Friday, March 30, 2012

The Nail Files! 3/30/12

The Nail Files 

I am SUPER excited!!! I FINALLY got my dotting tools!!! They seriously shipped from China. The packaging was all Chinese lettering. LOL Well, I had to try them out, of course! ;) I had 3 different ideas that I wanted to try and couldn't make up my mind. Soooo, of course I took a Facebook poll from my friends, the sheep won!! I did promise to do the other designs too, so be expecting little chickies and a puppy design soon. ;) 

Here are my sheep! 

I love the little black sheep, he is so rebellious! ;) LOL Next time I think I am going to make the sheep stand on the grass instead of covering up the grass. And a cloud stamp would make these, super, SUPER cute! I really need to invest in some stamps. LOL

Of course this design is a copy cat design from a tutorial that I found on YouTube which is HERE

Until next time, keep smilin'... ~ Jessy Ü