Thursday, March 8, 2012

Valentine Kisses Giveaway!!

Ok, gals I am not fully awake yet so it may not be wise to blog but, but...I must have more entries for this awesome giveaway!!! So how could you blame me ?!

Valentine Kisses blog is at it again, she has another awesome giveaway for the month of March. Check out the phat lootz...

You can call be weird but my inner punk rock star *Really* wants the blue washable hair dye!!! Like really bad! LOL Like even more than the nail polish "stickers"...Are they stickers? I can't think of the word right now (not fully awake remember?!). 

Okay, so if you like makeup and want to win these phat lootz, head on over to Valentine Kisses blog post and sign up! HERE is the link to her post. 

Have fun and good luck!! Oh and if you win and want to thank the person that told you about it, you can always send me the blue hair dye. LOL just kidding ;) 

~ Jessy 

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