Saturday, July 30, 2011

♫ Music makes my heart happy ♫

I had mentioned in one of my posts that I always have some sort of music playing. Well it is true! Music makes my heart happy. <3 I love all types of music, everything from Goth Rock to Pop, or from Classic Rock to yes even a little bit of Country. I'm not really into Country right now, I've have worn that one out a little bit. lol :)

I am amazed at how many different ways we can listen to our favorite songs. We have come a long way from just a few stations of talk radio haven't we?! Now we can listen to the actual radio or we can pick from a plethora of other options as well. We can listen online and pick whether we want to listen to our favorite station or have a website pick random songs based on what our favorite artist/song is. Isn't Pandora just awesome?! Heck we can take our music on the go with iPods & MP3 players.

Well the latest thing I have found is Spotify. It is brand-new to the USA and is in trial mode so you have to get an invite from someone. A lot of celebs have invites for people, I got my account by following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter (not something I am particularly proud of but what ya gunna do?!) Klout is also offering accounts too. Anyway...Spotify is an app that you put on your computer and it will let you listen to anything that your heart desires. You don't have to download any music and as long as you download the Spotify program on your computer you can listen to your playlists on any computer. You can also share songs with your friends by either posting songs to Facebook/Twitter or using Spotify social and sharing them that way too.

I think the thing I like most about Spotify is the "What's New" tab. It gives you a random list of new albums, I think I have found more favorite albums that way. I am always a sucker for trying some new music. I would love to hear what you guys like to listen to, maybe I'll find another "new" band or album. ;)

BTW, I am looking to start a Classic Rock playlist for my Spotify account. I would LOVE to hear what your favorite Classic Rock songs are. I'm looking for some good music to add to my list. :)


  1. I dont think you'd like my Classic Rock. Anything from Led Zeppelin is awesome. The Who has some pretty good songs...a few I think you'd Not sure if this fits the bill but Chicago's 24 or 6 to 4 is pretty good too.

  2. LOL!! Well, I'll have to look at those bands and see if I recognize anything. :)

  3. I have very eclectic taste in music. I've been known to make a CD of my favorites that includes everything from Bon Jovi to Conway Twitty.

    I really like Spotify too. I'll have to make a Classic Rock list and share it with you. I made a 90's favorites over the weekend for something different.