Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scattered Moment of the Day

Ok, so here is today's scattered moment. I just posted on my Facebook that I was updating my Linked In account. Well when I looked back up at my open tabs I realized that my blog was open. I was like "O yeah I was writing a blog post" then it hit me. How on earth did I get from writing a blog post to updating my Linked In account?!

I clicked back into my blog and realized that in my last post I was talking about Klout. Well, here is what happened. I saw Klout in my post and thought , "O I haven't checked in on Klout in a few days, I wonder what my score is today" *clicks link to Klout*  My score was 48, woo hoo!! Then I saw all the different webpages that Klout uses to evaluate your Klout Score, one of them is Linked In. Well, that reminded me that I had connection requests in Linked In that I hadn't accepted so I opened a new tab and went to Linked In, accepted my requests and then started editing my account.

O boy....I am such a classic case of "Spaghetti"!! I will have to tell you about the difference between "Waffles" and "Spaghetti" another day. ;)

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