Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have tried a few different times to start a blog and have always thought that my life just isn't interesting enough to have a blog dedicated to it. LOL Well, I have decided that my life doesn't have to be really interesting in order for me to have a blog. All I have to do is live and breathe and have thoughts and the blog posts will come. So this blog will hopefully become a snapshot of who I am. What makes me tick, what makes my heart all a flutter, what frustrates the heck out of me, what my heart longs for in the future and what makes me love the life that I have now.

Fact 1 about me, I am somewhat scattered. I am a typical woman so my mind can easily go from one topic to another totally random and opposite topic in two seconds flat. I love all sorts of things and can't ever seem to stay focused on a single leisurely project at once. For instance, I have been married 7 years and still haven't finished scrap-booking my wedding pictures. Yes, I know it's bad but it will get done, someday. I always have at least 3 internet tabs open at once and sometimes A LOT more than that, and there is Always music playing. If there isn't music, it's because I'm so engulfed in what I am doing that I forgot to turn it on. LOL

So, in saying all of that, if this blog is to be truly mine, then it will be the same way that I am...Scattered. I wouldn't expect any of my posts to have any sort of common theme or any rhyme or reason. Be prepared to see all the different sides of me, the good, the bad and the frustrated!! LOL My hubby said that my tagline for my blog should be "Life, Food and Makeup" and that would about sum it up. So here's to the first of hopefully many, many blog posts in the future.


  1. Woohoo! Welcome to the world of blogging!

    I have created two different blogs in the past:

    My first blog was a blog about World of Warcraft and my experiences (both good and bad) playing that. I think I had a total of four posts in about four years.

    Then I decided to do a blog about cooking and menu planning. I did about three posts in three months, but then I just let it fizzle out.

    My latest blog I have decided to throw all of that out and blog about whatever the heck I want to blog about. If people want to read it, great! If not, that’s okay too. My Wow friends will probably read about my adventures in Wow and my foodie friends will read my recipes and menu plans. Or nobody will read any of it, but I’ll still feel better for writing it. My blog is all about me – take it or leave it!

    I love that you are doing a blog now and I think you are headed in the right direction by blogging about whatever your heart desires. Now we can encourage each other to blog on a regular basis. *hugs*

    Hedwig –

  2. Thanks Hedwig!! I definitely know about your blogs. Your latest one was part of what inspired me to start this one. :) I really look forward to blogging more. I think I already have to blog about today!! :) My friends are my inspiration! *hugs*

  3. I for one would love to hear your's and Jill's thoughts on whatever. So yall keep 'em coming.

    PS...the damn little verification that Im human is annoying but thats probably cause Im not using one of those approved ID need to add yahoo to that list.

  4. LOL! Thanks Danny :) I am sure there will be more blogging, prolly in my very near future too. :)

    As for the verification thing, I'll have to see if that is a setting that I can fix. Those things can be annoying yeah?! LOL