Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahhhh Monday....Is yours good, bad or ugly?!

For some reason Monday's always seem to get a bad wrap. Maybe that is because it's after the weekend and people don't really want to go back to work or school. Maybe it's because there always seems to be more work on a Monday as opposed to any other day of the week. There always seem to be more phone calls and more people coming in for appointments, everyone's just trying to get every errand done so they don't have to worry about it the rest of the week. Or maybe it's because we have all been "taught" that Monday is a bad day, so we make it a bad day. I think we can thank Garfield for that one. ;)

I believe that most of the time your days are what you make them. It all depends on how you get out of bed in the morning. However, sometimes a "typical Monday" is unavoidable whether you get up on the "right side of the bed" or not. It's ironic how everything seems to go wrong early on a Monday morning. I curse those Mondays that give the rest of the Mondays a bad wrap.

Now, I completely understand that some days you are just bound to wake up on the "wrong side of the bed"; I know I have and will continue to have those "off" days.  Some days, everything in life is just too much. And I am definitely not saying that I am any different than anyone who may be reading this blog post. Matter of fact, I may have more of those "off" days than you may think.

I picked the background of my blog for a specific reason. (And yes it is relevant, trust me) I really like the "happy-go-lucky" feel it has to it. All of the hearts and rainbows and "Loves" and flowers make me smile. But I really thought that the little skull with cross-bones that they threw in there really added a deeper meaning to the background. To me it really expressed the deeper meaning that life holds for us.

Most of life is made up of happy things, being a kid and jumping in puddles, meeting the love of your life, having kids and overall enjoying the things that make us smile; but not all of life is happy. There are also things that make us sad, someone saying something hurtful, having your heart broken, losing a loved one.

So every time you come to my blog I want you to see the background and think about what is fueling your life on that day. It is okay to have a bad Monday or wake up on the "wrong side of the bed" as long as you remember that not all your life will be like that. There are more good times than bad and whatever bad feeling you may have that day, remember that "this too shall pass". As for the color that I chose for my background (purple) well in World of Warcraft (yes I am a geeky gamer girl) purple symbolizes something that is Epic. So remember that everything in your life, good, bad or ugly is Always going to be Epic. :)

So today's Monday, what kind of day are you having?!

*Update* - Since I have changed my blog background I thought I would post a picture of what it was in the 


  1. I dont like Mondays because its the day that is furthest from the weekend :o) I have a blog too, feel free to check it out

  2. I hear ya about Monday being so far away from Friday, I definitely enjoy Fridays a whole lot more than Thanks for giving me your blog url, I look forward to following you. :)

  3. I believe the worst day of the week is a matter of what your job entails. IMO Fridays are the only because it's Fridays that ppl seem to wait to request for all the stuff they needed to complete during the week. And then they usually send the requests at like 3:30pm. Ugh

  4. Yeah Danny you do always get all of your work on Friday's don't you?! That really sucks. There should be a rule that no one can submit new projects to you guys on Friday. LOL That would make your clients HAVE to get stuff to you early. LOL