Monday, November 24, 2014

Things You Would Hear At My House

First I must say, the Blogger app is growing on me. It can be a little cumbersome and weird to use at first but I love that can share pictures and stuff with such ease. The other thing that I like about it, is I can fashion blog posts in the note pad on my phone and then just copy and paste when I'm ready to write the post. You guessed it, that's what I did with this one. There is one last thing that I love about posting from my phone, my phones talk to text feature. It makes blogging so much easier.

A while back I came up with an idea for a blog post, "Things You Would Hear at My House". I've been compiling a list since then and wanted to share it with you. This is a list of common phrases that are said at my house.

1. "Oh look, another nail polish"
2. "Honey, what time is raid?"
3. "Today I made..." Which is followed by descriptions of food that was cooked. That would be normal but I'm married to a chef, so all of the descriptions are the proper culinary terms. For example, instead of making a "butter sauce" he says that he made a beurre blanc.
4. "Rogue, you're not supposed to eat the ribbon." I swear she's addicted to ribbon, and I hate to say it but it may be the death of her someday. LOL
5. "Andrew, you can't have an industrial sized dishwasher"
6. "Get out of my chair" It seems like I say this every 5 mins at my house. Prince Beau, and Princess Rogue (my cats) think that if I'm not sitting in my chair then it's their throne, not mine.
7. "Rogue don't eat the carpet"- this is also said every 5 mins
8. "Hey Carpet-muncher" this is our new name for Rogue

I'm sure there are other things, but this post has been sitting in my draft box for way too long!

What are some of the common phrases at your house?

Jessy <3

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