Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ipsy Bag: April 2014

So I joined Ipsy in April this year and I have yet to blog about it. I can sum up this blog post in one sentence; I love Ipsy!! So far I have gotten four bags and they have all been filled with fun new products for me to try. Ipsy may be known for sending you "samples" of items but some of their "samples" are full sized product. I've posted all of my bags on my Instagram account but I want to share them here and give you my thoughts about some of the products. So here we go...

April's Ipsy Bag

April's Bag: The bag is a plastic bag with a record player printed on it and it came with 5 items:

Kiss Fake Lashes: I haven't tried these yet but they look very beautiful. I'm sure they will be wonderful. I feel like I need to save them for a special occasion though.

City Color Mousse Eyeshadow in White Gold: I love this product for a few reasons; 1 it's a creme to powder so it doesn't take a whole lot to apply meaning the "sample" they sent me will last a while. 2, I really love the color. I don't wear gold a whole lot but who cares. lol

Cailyn Lip Balm in Acid Pink: When I hear "lip balm" I thought of something like a Carmex consistency; I was wrong, it was very creamy and had to be applied with a brush that was hidden in the long handle. Once you apply this product the color is there, For-E-Ver. I was so excited to try it I actually put it on before I brushed my teeth and it stayed put! I would really love this product if it were a different color; I may have to invest in one. 

Lolli-tint cheek and lip stain in Candy-Orchard: This is a liquid and stains really fast, which is good because it lasts a long time, but is very tricky to apply as a blush. lol 

Urban Decay 24 /7 eye pencil in Black Velvet: This is a pencil liner but it's not a hard tipped pencil so it doesn't pull on your eyelid.

Favorite Product: Out of all of these products I think my favorite is the Urban Decay eyeliner. Not only did it glide on, it also stays put, as long as you don't apply too much. I have a tendency to do this...you caught me lol

I will be posting a few of these over the next few days, trying to catch-up for the months that I've missed. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products, or tell me about your favorite makeup product.

Jessy <3

If you would like to join Ipsy simply click HERE.

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