Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites: Musical Edition

A while back there was a post going around Facebook, at least within my group of friends, that was a challenge to fill Facebook with music instead of Selfies. I will admit, I'm a selfie addict but I like the idea of breaking the monotony.

I was assigned to post a song by a band/artist whose name started with the letter N. When trying to pick a song I realized something, I don't like any current bands that start with the letter N. LOL I decided to post something old school for #tbt and my song was from New Kids on the Block. lol
Since I didn't share any of my current favorites I thought I'd share them with you. :-)

Here are a few of my favorite bands/songs from the past few months:

I've been on Pandora more than usual and am loving my Lifehouse Radio. These are some of the songs that I've found, and grown to love:

A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope

All We Are - Matt Nathanson

Broken - Lifehouse

Collide - Howie Day

Demons - Imagine Dragons
I love, love, LOVE Imagine Dragons! They are awesome!

From Where You Are - Lifehouse

Let Her Go - Passenger

Shooting Stars - Edwin McCain

After going back through them again, I've found that they are kind of melancholy but beautiful at the same time. I hope you enjoy them. I'm always looking for new music. Leave me a comment and let me know some of your favorite artists/songs.

Jessy <3


    Thanks for sharing! These are a few of my favs! I will be listening to your at work today; and smiling! Hugs, Mom

    1. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the guitar?! I have always wanted to learn and admire those who have such amazing talent! :)