Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Nail Files!!

This week on "The Nail Files"
I am posting a few weeks worth of pictures. I didn't realize how long it's been since I've done one of these posts. Oh how I miss you. lol :)

This past month (August) due to a Klout Perk I got TWO new nail polishes for FREE! Talk about Fan-TAS-tic! I decided to have some fun with "Stroke of Brilliance" and did a little Fire and Ice theme. It was awesome! The "ice" was so cool (no pun was really intended). I may have to do that during the AZ winter, when I am wishing for snow. LOL

The next week was the first week of classes, so I did "an apple for the teacher" theme.

And lastly, I FINALLY got some magnetic polish that works!! I bought some little magnetic polishes from ULTA while I was in CA and they sucked!! Never buy Ulta brand magnetic polish!! My mom sent me this new polish and I had bought a Magnetix magnet off of Amazon, together they were magical! Being the perfectionist that I am I had a little bit of a learning curve for this polish. If anyone has any tips they would be much appreciated! :)

I have already done this weeks manicure but I want to save it. It needs it's own post cuz it is just THAT awesome!! ;)

Your nail artist, 
Jessy <3


  1. How awesome! I really want to try the magnetic polish and those apples are adorable. Oh, and I mustn't leave out the fire and ice. I might need to learn to do those for the winters here when I am wishing for warmth. ;)

  2. that magnetic nail polish looks really cool!