Tuesday, August 28, 2012

101 Progress - August 2012

Here's what I did in August 2012

~ Blogged about my 101 progress, obviously! ;) 
~ Wrote a letter to a friend/a different friend.
~ Finished Reading the following book(s):
       The Host
~ Things fell apart with the book club meeting this month but I did create a blog for us and have already started next month's book. :) Hopefully I'll finish this month's book quickly so I can read more than one book this month. :)
~ Still writing in my journal albeit not as much this month but still writing.
~ Counted my pencils/pens; I'm at 269 - 16 more than last month! I bought 12 (they were Muppets and Icee pencils; too cute to pass up) and I found a few around my house. Some them were pens too.
         Funny story for one of the pens. Andy and I went out to lunch and the pen that the guy gave us to sign with said "The Pen has been stolen from: Douglas Pest Control Inc." Now I know that it was prolly one of those pens that was made to look like it was stolen, but it was still fun to "steal" a "stolen" pen. But if anyone asks, just tell them that I accidentally forgot and walked away with it. ;)

~ Counted my nail polish; I'm at 77!! - 5 new ones and I got all of them for FREE!!! I got a magnetic one from my mom (YAY for packages!!), I got 2 bottles of Essie as Klout perks and I got 2 for .033 cents a piece (which is free in my book) from Julep. I'm not sure how long this is going on but if you sign up to be a Julep Maven and enter in the code PENNY you will get your first Julep Maven box for one penny. If you don't want to continue receiving Julep boxes just cancel your account after you receive your first box. :) Click HERE to learn more and sign up. :)

~ Found jewelry. I don't know if I'll ever find it all. But I found some and once it's all organized and in my jewelry box I'll count this one as completed. lol
~ Pedicure of the Month - It was the Olympics so of course I had to do something fun for that! ;)

~ Song of the month: I haven't found a specific song for me this month, so I think I will dedicate this month's song to my Grandma (Mom-mom) who passed away on August 1st 2007. There are two songs that remind me of her: Alexander's Ragtime Band and Flight of the Bumblebee. I found a really good video for Flight of the Bumblebee so we'll go with that one. :)


  1. Way to go and keep up the good work on your list. :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me to cancel my Julep shipment! Loved reading your blog! **hugs**