Sunday, July 8, 2012

My train of thought...

Note to everyone in the world. I distract easily...

First I was one the phone with my mom and looking up tablets for her. Once we hung up the phone, I checked my email because I figured I was at my computer anyway.

My friend had sent me YouTube video link so of course I had to watch it.

The video that I watched on YouTube reminded me that I wanted to embed the video link into my blog post from earlier today; so I went to blogger and embedded my video.

I saw my camera sitting on my desk and remembered that I wanted to share some pictures on Facebook; so I edited and posted a picture.

While I was editing my picture, I had been remincing about all of the photos and found a video that I had wanted to post; so I edited the video and posted it to YouTube.

I went to go and share the video on Facebook and saw that I had comments about the picture that I had just posted; so I read and replied to them.

After all of this I looked back and realized just how easily I get distracted so I wanted to post a Facebook status about it.

I started the Facebook status and realized that it was going to be WAY too long for a status; so I went to Blogger and decided to blog about it instead..... LOL

As I am finishing this blog post I realize that I have 4 tabs open on my internet browser, YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and Facebook. Facebook has 4 notifications so OF course I'm going to have to check them when I am done blogging.

When I am done blogging I am going to have to Tweet the post out to all of my peeps, just for kicks...

Now I have to ask myself, What was I Supposed to be doing right now?! Oh, that's right...LAUNDRY!!!! LMAO

Your, super, super, easily distracted blogger,
Jessy <3

PS My also need to do dishes for my hubby so he can cook when he comes home in oh a half hour...Oops!

Oh and btw, I never posted the video to Facebook....LOL


  1. I hear ya, girl! The internet is a bad, bad place for us easily distracted :)

  2. You and I are so alike. I can't even tell you. Do I need to try? ;)