Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some of My Favorites - YouTube Style

So I have decided that I love YouTube. I think anyone that actually posts videos of themselves on YouTube is completely awesome. I am the opposite of awesome. LOL Ok not really, but I do have this fear of an audience - even if it's just an online audience. So for now I will stick to blogging and posting an occasional karaoke song where I make the video in power point and add just my singing track...LOL Currently my channel only has two videos but I plan on adding more soon.

That being said, I wanted to share a few of my favorite channels with you. Now, some of the channels that I like may not be for everyone. Some of the people that post videos use cuss words and some are just strange but they are all quirky just like me. :)

So without further a-do here are some channels that I like. Note: they are in no particular order - well except maybe Toby Turner - cuz he is awesome lol.

Toby Turner: He just plain Rocks! He's funny and comes up with some great videos like "Cute, Win, Fail" and I simply love his vlog too! He is full of energy, talks a thousand miles a minute and is usually pretty clean language wise. :) He has got so many channels, I can think of 3 right off the top of my head and those are the three that I follow which are: Tobuscus, Cute Win Fail (CWF), and his Vlog. I know he's also got a gaming channel called Toby Games and maybe another one too but I'm not sure.

Tobuscus - This is his main channel and it's got most of his work that's just all jumbled up, from Literals to CWF and Music videos.

Cute Win Fail - If you fall in love with his Cute, Win, Fail videos but don't want to see the Literals and other songs/videos that he does on his main channel, this channel is for you!!

Vlog - Toby has always got so much going on, and even when he doesn't just listening to him ramble on about absolutely nothing is rather comical too. LOL

Charlie McDonnell: I found Charlie's channel "Charlie is so Cool-like" and fell in love with it! He doesn't post as often as some other YouTuber's but he's got some good videos. After I found his channel I very quickly found out that he's from the UK and is in a band called Chameleon Circuit; his band makes Doctor Who music and it's awesome!! It feeds my geeky side. ;) 

Charlie is so Cool-like - His channel is mainly Vlog style but he does some fun videos too. I like his "Fun Science" and his "Challenge Charlie" videos. There is also one called How to Speak English and another called How to Speak American. I think these two videos are hilarious! (Note: These two videos have a tiny bit of language in them but overall his channel is very family friendly.)  :)

Calling Nail Art Lovers!: If you want to know where I get most of my ideas, they are usually found on YouTube. LOL There are a few different channels that I follow and I love them all! 

 Cute Polish - This channel is honestly where I get the majority of my ideas. Her designs are really, really simplistic and EASY! Most of them are ones that you can do even if you're a beginner. 

Pixie Polish - She has got some great designs too; hers are a little more complex than Cute Polish but they are still super cute!  

Robin Moses - Her channel is unique because she is painting other people's nails. Honestly, I don't think I could ever do her designs to such lengths on my own nails, but it is still really fun to watch and get ideas. :) 

Joe Penna (aka Mystery Guitar Man): I love his videos. He does stop-motion/looping music videos. Most of the videos that he does are either done in front of a green-screen, or done with various items around the house. Sometimes it's actually items like a microwave and pots and pans; he also has a "mini-Joe" band that appears every once in a while. ;) 

Here are a few of his videos that I really like. If you like them be sure to check out his channel at Mystery Guitar Man.

Car Jacker Fail: This one he used a car to to create a looping song - pure Awesome! 

Tiny Joe's!!!: I <3 Tiny Joe's. :)  

Looping Around: In this video he used things that were found around an apartment to create a song. I love this one too! :)

W A R N I N G: The following channels are not meant for little ears. Sometimes I wonder if they are even meant for big ears, but I still find some of their stuff to be really funny!! LOL 

Here are a few other channels that I follow but they are NOT family friendly. They do use expletives (some more than others) and some of them are a little strange. If none of that bugs you, then feel free to check them out. If you don't like cussing, or off color humor, then skip these and let me know what you do like in the comment section below.

Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey) - She is very random, from Vlog style, to "How-To" videos. One of my favorite videos is called "How Diets Work". Note: Jenna swears a LOT - just warnin' ya. 

Philip DeFranco - The Philip DeFranco Show is Philip talking "about the stuff that matters to me [him] today." He talks about the latest news stories, gives some of his opinions, and asks his viewers for theirs. I tell ya, I would much rather watch his show than the actual news channels. First, his show is funny and second, the other news channels are just depressing. 

Nick Foti - Soundly Awake is by far the most interesting channel that I have found. Nick can do all sorts of accents and has used them to create different characters for his channel. Most of the characters are women and the majority of them are played by him. So...yeah... Nuff said. He also has a beauty channel. I've never met a guy that actually buys Birchboxes, let alone one that does a video blog about them. LOL YAY, for not being afraid to break the "norm."


So I hope I have broadened your YouTube horizons and that you found some channels that amuse you and make you laugh. I would love to know what channels you watch on YouTube. Comment below and let me know which ones you watch! :)

Your YouTube Lover, 
         Jessy <3



  1. Great post jessica! I'll have to check out a few of the youtube channels you suggested. :)

  2. Thanks!! :) I hope you like some of them. :)