Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's OK Thursday 6/28/12

Its Ok Thursdays

to already miss Julie and Abigail.

to haven't blogged about my trip yet. 
It's coming; I promise ;)

to have had a great trip and didn't worry or think about anything really.

to have stayed up WAY too late every night that I was in WY.

to be super excited for my trip to California in 13 days!!
Somehow listing the "days" makes it sound closer. lol

to be impatiently waiting for all of my shows to start again.

to miss Jill, Rachel and Sarah. 

to paint my nails every week, even though my hubby thinks it's an obsession.
 It's not an obsession, it's therapy. LOL! ;)

to feel loved because I came back to work to find a decorated office. <3

To be really, REALLY behind in my book club book, 
guess I'd better get reading!

to wish that I had more blog followers,
I guess I need to hold a giveaway or something. lol

Your super excited traveler,
Jessy <3


  1. I used to have that EXACT blog layout. Oh I miss it! I did an 'it's ok' on painting my nails all the time too! And why do boys not get it? it just makes you feel so much better :)

    1. Yeah men will just never get it...LOL

    2. lol...never get what?? I DONT UNDERSTAND!!! is it the painting nails or blogging about it??

    3. LMAO!!! Both :P

  2. We miss you too girlie! Great post! :)

  3. I am constantly painting my nails so I totally understand the "therapy" thing! :)