Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Okay

It's Okay...

That I am technically posting this in the wee hours of Friday morning.

That I don't have the cute link up logo since I am posting this from my iPod.

That I have stayed up till at least 2am for the past two nights in a row.

That I have spent those nights playing games and giggling like a little school girl.

That I wish some of my other girlfriends were here to spend time with Julie and I too. (I think all of my girlfriends would really like each other.)

To cuddle on the couch with a 3 year old and watch Leroy and Stitch.

To cry during the original Lilo and Stitch, even tho you know there is a happy ending.

To be addicted to Checking into places while on vacation. ;)

To be wearing my hair in side French braids so I can have "beachy" curls tomorrow. (It will prolly be more like frizzy curls but O

To not want to go to sleep because that means that the day will end.

To be excited to go spend some time in the sun tomorrow...uh...later today.

To ramble on and on in this blog post. (Of course, that's not really unusual lol)

Your tired yet wired, game playing, giggly blogger ~
Jessy <3

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