Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nail Files!! 6/26/12

Yes, I am crazy and I am still up at 3:45am writing this blog post. LOL Might as well get'er done right?! LOL

This week I went to visit my friend Julie and I went through many colors and designs. I had all of my nails painted a different color at one point in time. But Julie has Konad stamps and I don't so I decided to do something with those. 

Here is the design that I did: 

The color is OPI's "Got the Blues for Red" and the stamp is one from Konad's M57 plate. I loved the way this turned out and I'm kind of sad that I will be taking it off in a few days so I can do something for the 4th of July. But at least it will be for something Patriotic! LOL

Then the week after next I will be in California with my mom and we are going to do pedicures there, so that should be a lot of fun! Lots of pictures to be taken that's for sure!!! :)

WOW, I just checked and my post is actually done before the link up is even up...LOL Why am I still awake?!

Your sleepy nail art blogger,
           Jessy <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :)Seeeee, this is why I need nail stamps!! LOL

  2. Very cute! It makes me sad that both of us will be taking off our fun vacation polish soon. Boo to the end of vacations. I hope you have a blast on your Cali trip though! :)

    1. Thanks Julie! I know I really don't want the redness and whiteness to end. I really love them! :)

  3. love that design! so pretty! :)