Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge - Day 9

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Welcome to the Ninth day of 
Amber & Neely's Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge!! 
I will be blogging about one Holiday themed topic everyday for the next 2 weeks!! (11/28 -12/9)
If you want more information, or want to join the fun click HERE for more information.

Today's topic is: 2012 Goals/Resolutions

Hmmmm, I always have a hard time with this one. I could say that I resolve to lose weight but that one never works. I go on a diet for about a month, and then lose the ambition. So I know, I have a resolution to not have any resolutions!! 

I figure you never know what is going to happen, that is something that is wonderful about the future - you get to have new experiences all the time. Of course new experiences can be scary too. I would much rather live life to the fullest and enjoy my life, than try to stick to these resolutions and maybe miss opportunities that would've made life really great! After all, you only ever live once. Why not enjoy it?!

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  1. your resolution to not have resolutions then? ;) Hehe. Love it!