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O How Pinteresting!! 11/23/11

Pinteresting Wednesdays actually stems from The Vintage Apple blog. The image above links to that blog. Check it out!

Happy Thanksgiving!! well tomorrow anyway - I hope everyone has something to be really thankful for this year. :)

I wasn't on Pinterest very much this week but it just figures that when I went to go and put this post together I ended up pinning new things instead. I guess I was going through withdrawal without even realizing it! HA!

All of these pins that I found this week are something that I would so make!! They are all easy and I plan on trying them ALL out!! :)

mmmmm Sugar cookies!! These only call for like 3 ingredients and one of them is a cake mix! I am totally trying these!!! :)

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Tips & Tricks
I found a whole bunch of uses for Hydrogen Peroxide. I didn't realize how many things you could use it for. The first was a recipe for making your nails white. This quick paste is simply 1 Tbs Peroxide, 2.2 Tbs Baking Soda. Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes, rise off and voila! White nails! There are also other uses linked below the picture. :)

Other uses for Peroxide

DIY Product
Next is a recipe for liquid soap. I have really been into making my own cleansers lately. I found a recipe for an eye makeup remover on Pinterest and made that a while back (Eye-Makeup Remover blog post) and ever since I'd much rather spend less and make stuff as simple as eye makeup remover or in this case, liquid hand soap!! This recipe uses 1 1/2 bars of grated soap and it makes 2 Liters of liquid soap! I think I must try this soap next! :)

Liquid Soap Recipe

The next thing I found was a recipe for Cinnamon Applesauce dough. I had all but forgotten about this, but as soon as I found it the memories came flooding back. When I was little my mom had these ornaments on our Christmas tree. They weren't as fancy as Martha Stewart's, but I think the simplicity of them was great! I am so glad that I found this recipe! I think my Christmas tree must have some! :)

Cinnamon Applesauce Bird Ornament Recipe

DIY - Jewelry
The last idea that I found was for a simple Pearl and Twine bracelet. I loved it!! It is definitely something that I could make fairly easily and love to wear it too! :)

I found this cute picture of the tiny little kitten letting the big dog know who's boss! It so reminded me of my cat Rogue. When she was the new kitten in our house she stood up for herself against our other cat on their very first meeting. We knew that Rogue would have no problems taking charge. lol

Finally let's wrap up with some Wednesday Wisdom. "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles; it empties today of its strength." ~ Mary Engelbreit

I think I needed this wisdom at the beginning of last week. lol That one is worth framing!

I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest finds for the week! If you have a Pinterest account and would like to follow me you can click HERE to see my profile. If you have a Pinterest account and a blog I encourage you to start your own Pinteresting Wednesday. Just visit The Vintage Apple to get your "Pinteresting" image, and start your own weekly post! I'd love to see your finds too! :)

Disclaimer: Pinterest is very addicting please join at your own risk. ;)

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