Wednesday, November 2, 2011

O How Pinteresting!! 11/2/11

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Welcome to another Pinteresting Wednesday!! This week I have quite a few pins because I did the Halloween editions and I didn't get to share some of the awesome stuff that I found over the past two weeks.

So, I am going to start off with these Awesome Cupins (cupcake/muffins), at least that's what I'm calling them. This is a recipe that I MADE this week. We had our Halloween Potluck on Thursday at work and I thought Pumpkin cupcakes would be perfect. I found this recipe a few months ago, and thought it was SUPER easy and it only called for TWO ingredients; a cake mix and a can of pumpkin that's it, no eggs, no oil. In the original recipe it called for a yellow cake mix but I used a spice cake mix instead and it made it more like pumpkin pie flavored. mmmmmm <3

Anyway, they came out more like muffins than actual cupcakes because they didn't rise like cupcakes do. But I figured if it's in a cupcake liner and has frosting on it - it's a cupcake. LOL I did frost them with cream cheese frosting and put little black eyes and mouth on them so they looked like ghosts.

Pumpkin Cupins Recipe

I guess since we are here, I'll continue with the food theme. First, I love Chipotle!! So anything that says it's going to be similar I have to repin! Next thing I love is Cherry Limeade's and I found a recipe for those too! Then last but not least, I found the most adorable cupcakes - yes those are cupcakes with a brownie in the middle.

Cherry Limeade

Chipotle Chicken Bowl
Hamburger Cupcakes

Next theme, Beauty; gotta have my girly fix! :) I found an idea for keeping track of bobby pins, whoever thought of using a paperclip holder was a genius! Next a beautiful nail polish color, O.P.I. Black Cherry Chutney oooOoooo - I must say it's very dangerous to have nail polish blog posts sent directly to your email inbox. And last, the reminder of a smokey eye fail.

I told you about the potluck, well that day I decided to do my makeup different and tried to do a Halloween inspired smokey eye. I vow to never, ever, ever try to use a black eye shadow when creating a smokey eye, ever again. Talk about Fail... I was able to fix it so it didn't look TOO horrible but yeah, no black eye shadow... Black eye shadow is BAD Mkay?! lol

Next I found some fun tips and tricks. The first one is beauty related but it still fits here too. I found a lady who is in love with sock bun curls just like me and she had some very good tips and tricks on how to make them pretty. I am really going to have to borrow some of her ideas! ;) Second link is chock full of tips and tricks, these are mainly related to around the house and kitchen tips but they are awesome!! And the last link is a link for iPhone apps for little kids; they have games as well as educational apps too.

Sock-bun Curl Tips
Household Tips and Tricks
iPhone Apps for Kids

Last is Funnies!! Here are 3 comics that made me laugh. The first one may have a swear word in it but it is still hilarious!! The second one I can really relate to and the last one well...You must know I AM a Twilight fan, but that one is just plain hilarious!! ;)

Finally we are to the end of this week's Pinteresting Wednesday post and as always I want to end with some Wednesday Wisdom."It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, You fail by default." - J.K. Rowling

I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest finds for the week! If you have a Pinterest account and would like to follow me you can click HERE to see my profile. If you have a Pinterest account and a blog I encourage you to start your own Pinteresting Wednesday. Just visit The Vintage Apple to get your "Pinteresting" image, and start your own weekly post! I'd love to see your finds too! :)

Disclaimer: Pinterest is very addicting please join at your own risk. ;)


  1. I lovers your pins! :) My faves (and I am blocking out the ashes lol) are the nail polish and the JK Rowling quote. Love them all though. :)

  2. that glitter in the bottle of ashes...cause if it is, that's just hilariously brilliant.

  3. Jewely Bug - I kinda figured that you would like those exact two pins. :)

    Danny - That totally is glitter!! :) I thought it was hilariously brilliant too!