Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ahhhh, Fall

I don't know about anyone else, but Fall is my all-time favorite season! I love how crisp the air gets on Fall mornings, I love wearing long-sleeved comfy shirts, I love sipping hot apple cider and I love how the trees change colors. I think it is simply the most beautiful of all the seasons.

I moved to Arizona 10 years ago and I have missed Fall every since. In Arizona (well at least in Phoenix) there is no such thing as seasons. You have hot, hotter, Hellish and a few days that actually feel like fall. It is those few days when the leaves fall off the trees in pure shock and that usually happens in like January. LOL

This "season" cycle is so much different from what I grew up with. I grew up near Salt Lake City and other than my friends and family that live there I miss the mountains the most. October and November are the months of the year when the Wasatch Mountains would change colors. I loved living so close to the mountains and I loved that I was able watch the leaves change as Fall emerged.

*Sigh* isn't that just beautiful?! O I miss those mountains!! Today is the first day that it has been cooler in Arizona, so I guess I am a little reminiscent of what Fall was like growing up.

When I was little I was your typical child and could be found in a pile of freshly raked leaves. As I got older, I would rake leaves just so I could jump and play in them! lol

Playing in the Leaves at Mom-mom's House

Another of my favorite past times was going up to see Grandma Perry in Sugar House and going to the Soup Kitchen. They had the BEST Chicken Noodle Soup ever! I miss the Soup Kitchen. I was just thinking about that restaurant the other day and how I would love to go there. It was this little hole in the wall, where they just served soup, homemade soup! mmmmm It's been at least 15 years since I've gone there; I wonder if it is still around?!

Sugar House Park
Grandma Perry's House

Sugar House Park was not far from where my Grandma lived and it was always very beautiful up there.

This is a picture of me and my Great Grandpa Perry before he passed away. I love the Fall trees in the background and the bloomed roses, such a mixture of the end of summer and the beginning of Fall.

 So now, except for the occasional cooler days in Arizona I have to live out my longings for Fall through my mother. I am so glad that one of us still lives where the leaves change. And I'm even more thankful that she thinks about me enough to send me beautiful Fall pictures! :)

I hope that everyone is enjoying some Fall weather this month. I know that in some places you are already getting snow. If that is the case enjoy the snow too! That is also another rarity in Arizona. lol Sit back, sip some apple cider or hot cocoa, watch the leaves change or the snow fall and write down something that you are thankful for.

Today, I am thankful for all of the wonderful memories that I have of crisp Fall weather, of family and friends, of loved ones who have come and gone and I'm thankful that I have another day in which to make more memories.

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  1. Fall is my favorite season too! Its bitter sweet in a way though because I know that winter is close on its heels, and winter here gets really nasty :o/ But I enjoy the get togethers, the crisp weather, the leaves, and just the cozy expectant feel and try not to think of winter coming.