Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quizzical Question: Sleep?! What is that?!

I haven't done a Quizzical Question in a while and tonight I have a question for ya, but first a little back-story. 

Ok, so I am a night owl, this is a known fact. Lately I am finding that it is getting harder for me to go to sleep at night. This whole week I've had to drink tea and stay up later than usual before I'll get tired enough to sleep. Last night my brain wouldn't shut off and tonight I feel a little sleepy but here I am...drinking "Sleepytime" tea and blogging. LOL

So my quizzical question is; what do you do when YOU can't sleep?! I think I need some pointers. lol Also, does anyone know if drinking warm milk really helps or is that just a 


  1. Ohhh, I sooooo have the same problem! I'll have to read your comments and see if it has any advice for me. I actually go to the health food store and buy some natural sleep aids called Calms. They help me fall asleep.

  2. I think the late night and not being able to sleep has alot to do with the world we live in. We spend more hours a dat at work then we do at home, and the home time is usually spent cooking, cleaning and getting ready for work the next day! No wonder were up later and later trying to claim some me time and not being able to shut off our minds! What works for me is making quiet times in the evening starting one hour before I need to be asleep. Lights down low, low stimulus and time to process the day and relax. Also I find exercise during the day really helps! Melatonin is also useful when you can't make it work!

  3. Priscilla, that is a great idea! I think you are right on spot about why we stay up too late. Part of my problem too is caffeine. If I drink it too late in the day, I am wired. It's really funny because I drink my coffee in the morning and it seems to take forever for me to get a kick start. But then if I drink coffee or soda late in the day it works really quickly. ugh... I have to remember not to sip on my coffee at 3 in the afternoon. That is bad Mkay?! lol