Wednesday, October 26, 2011

O How Pinteresting!! 10/26/11

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 Welcome to week two of Pinteresting Wednesdays - Halloween Edition!! 

This week I am Pinning about Halloween decorations and parties!! So let's get started :)

Spooky DIY Decorations

I really loved all three of these unique looking decorations and they were super easy!! I really liked the black candles because they are flame-less and you make them out of paper towel rolls. Talk about cool!!

Potion Bottles
Black Candles
Floating Ghosts

Fun with Pumpkins!!

I found some really cute pumpkin designs and ideas. I could've posted ALL of them here but didn' Here are some that I really liked.

Spray-paint pumpkins
Modge Podge Pumpkins
Carve BOTH sides of the pumpkin!

For the pumpkin that is carved on both sides, you just etch the side that says "Boo!", don't cut all the way through. :) Also, I am on the look out for fake pumpkins so I can modge podge them and have them last all year! It would make me cry to throw out such a cute pumpkin! lol

Getting Yourself Ready!! 
(for the Ladies)

Be sure that you add to the fun by getting all dressed up for your party, even if it's just some fun makeup or painting your nails!

The Party: Fun for Kids

I loved the idea to make Haunted Houses, I think I will have to do that one day whether it's a party or not. And the other link has a lot of game ideas!

Make Haunted Houses
Lots of Games

The Party: Fun Food

I found some fun and easy snacks for your party, Candy Corn Bark, a Sweet & Salty Halloween Treat and a yummy Pumpkin dip. mmmmm

Candy Corn Bark
Halloween Treat
Pumpkin Dip

The Party: Fun Drinks

Now for the drinks, I found some creepy adult drinks but I mainly wanted to share some ideas on presenting cauldron drinks. The first was, as always, Dry Ice; it is perfect for a cauldron. But the other really cute idea that I found was to place your cauldron over a "fire", which is really just some branches, yellow & orange tissue paper and Christmas lights. How ingenious is THAT?!

Make it Burn!! ;)
Creepy Jello Shots: Adults Only
Dry Ice: How to use it

Well, that concludes my Halloween editions of Pinteresting Wednesdays! I hope between the costumes and the party decorations and food you got some fun ideas for Halloween!! If you are having a party be sure to be safe, have a lot of fun and don't forget the dry ice!! That alone makes any punch bowl spooky enough for Halloween night! ;)                 

P.S. if you would like to see even more fun ideas for Halloween, visit my Halloween Pinterest Board

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Disclaimer: Pinterest is very addicting please join at your own risk. ;)


  1. As you know I love the halloween nails! I also think that pumpkin dip would be yummy. Great pins today! :)

  2. Thanks Jewely Bug! :) I think I must try the pumpkin sometime! :)