Wednesday, October 19, 2011

O How Pinteresting!! 10/19/11

Pinteresting Wednesdays actually stems from The Vintage Apple blog. The image above links to that blog. Check it out!

Well, aside from the fact that I haven't been on Pinterest much this week, I am going to to take a little break from what I have found THIS week. To get into the Halloween spirit, for next two weeks I'm going to share some Halloween related Pins that I have found.

I think this week, I'll go with some cute Halloween costumes. Next week, we'll talk Parties and Decorations! ;)

Here are some cute costume ideas that I have found over the past month.

Baby Costumes

Cotton Candy w/Tutorial
Candy Corn Costume

Little Kid Costumes

Nacho Libre
Cupcake Costume w/Tutorial


Tutu Costumes

I fell in love with Tutu's I can't pick just two costumes so you 4!! lol Plus I found a Tutu Tutorial so you can make your own! What would we do without Pinterest?! lol 

Ghost Costume
Pirate Costume

Little Red Riding Hood
Witch Costume

Fun Adult Costumes

Buzz Lightyear
Facebook Page

Family Costumes

Rainbow Bright & Twink Costumes
Shark Attack!

Doctor Who Costumes

What Doctor Who fan can have a post about Halloween costumes and not include Doctor Who?! And these were great!!! The "Doctor" costume is really adorable on a little kid, but it can be done for grown-ups too - cuz bow-ties are cool! ;)

Weeping Angel w/Tutorial
"The Doctor"

I wish I could post all 40+ costumes that are on my Costume Board on Pinterest but that would be a super long post. LOL So if you'd like to check out the rest of my Costume Pins simply visit my board on Pinterest. The board is found HERE!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all of the costume ideas. Have you all decided what YOU are being for Halloween?! The ladies in my office are all going to be 50's girls so I'll be decked out in a poodle skirt! I'm really excited! :)

I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest finds for the week! If you have a Pinterest account and would like to follow me you can click HERE to see my profile. If you have a Pinterest account and a blog I encourage you to start your own Pinteresting Wednesday. Just visit The Vintage Apple to get your "Pinteresting" image, and start your own weekly post! I'd love to see your finds too! :)

Disclaimer: Pinterest is very addicting please join at your own risk. ;)