Sunday, October 16, 2011


So I think I can feel a cold coming on so I have been taking it easy today. I talked with my mom earlier today and she recommended drinking hot tea. Ha, there is a thought. After that I wanted apple cider, which I don't have, so I braved my tea cupboard. I say "tea cupboard" but it's really more like a section of a cupboard. lol Earlier I had some Orange Spice tea, which sounded close enough to cider - it wasn't.

Now, a few hours later, I thought I would have another cup. This time I decided to get really brave and try one of the loose teas in my cupboard, Jasmine. I must say, it is a very pretty tea and has a very pleasant taste. Kinda has a slight flowery smell, go figure that Jasmine would smell flowery. lol

Now the whole process of getting out my tea strainer and using the loose tea took me back a few years to when I used to drink loose tea on a semi-regular basis - well at least more than I drink it now. lol In the little town of Meridian, ID there was this cute little tea house that my mom and I discovered one day. We went there a few times and even got my little brother to go with us once too. :)

If we didn't visit the tea house, we had some of their loose tea and would make it at home. If I remember right they had a Vanilla tea that we really, really liked. I could really go for some of that tea right about now. It would be perfect to pair with my memory of tea with my mom. :)

Ahhhh, memories... <3  


  1. I loved going in that Tea House and still to this day try to find something similar but can't. It was a one of a kind place for one if a kind happy memories! Hope you are feeling better my dear darling daughter.

  2. I love having memories like that coming out of the blue. *hugs* You will have to help me find a tea I like. There is a tea place at the Marketplace that is pretty cool. We will have to go there sometime. :)