Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quizzical Questions: Social Networking

So this isn't the first blog I have done. I did start one when I took my html class last semester and it was called Quizzical Questions. I would go and post random questions in the hopes that my readers would answer them. I couldn't come up with enough questions, and no one ever really participated so it kinda pittered out. One of my friends mentioned that she really liked it and that I should try to incorporate my QQ blog into this one. Which I think is a brilliant idea!! So you'll get some Quizzical Questions every once in a while. ;)

Today's Quizzical Question comes from my love for Social Networking. For those who know me, you have prolly figured out that I am really into Facebook. Well I am not just into Facebook. I have joined most of the major Social Networking sites. I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, a Google+ account, I still have a Myspace account but it's prolly full of cobwebs by now. Plus I check Klout to see Social my rating.

Facebook is by far my favorite. I like the interaction, I like the games, I like having permission to talk to a wall and I like the fact that you can "Like" something. Personally I think everything online should have a "Like" button, even blogs!

Out of all of the accounts I have Twitter is prolly my next favorite. That one I use mainly for Swagbuck purposes. - We'll talk Swagbucks later ;) - LinkedIn is just for work contacts mainly and Google+ has promise but it's so boring right now. I don't think that one has really kicked off yet.

So today's Quizzical Question is simple.

What are your thoughts on Social Networking? Love it, hate it?! If you use any Social Networking site, which is your favorite and why?

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  1. I love my blog and I love Facebook. I like my blog because I can keep track of what happened and not have to take the time to journal. I can just type it out (is a blog a social network?). I like Facebook because I have lots of friends that I wasnt keeping in touch with because Im terrible at picking up the phone and writing letters. Through facebook Ive been keeping in touch with friends. I dont even have to call people who live close, I can just facebook them :o)