Monday, June 2, 2014

Writer's Block: The Beauty of a Rose

A while back in one of my Nail Files posts I briefly mentioned that I've joined the world's of Instagram and Tumblr, out of the two I think I prefer Instagram. However, I found a page on Tumblr called writeworld and I really like it. They have a prompt called Writer's Block where basically they give you a picture and challenge you to write about it. I love to write so I am going to try and do some of these prompts. Hopefully it will bring back some of my creativeness which I feel like I've lost. Here is my prompt for today, it's not long but sometimes it takes a while to remove blocks; hopefully my next prompt will be longer.

Our beauty is like a rose, it's beautiful in every way. 
From the moment it blooms until the day it fades away.

 Jessica Bradford

I hope my posts will encourage you to write. If so, I would love to read what you write. Please comment on my blog post, or feel free to share your pieces on any of my social media pages. My links are found below: 

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  1. When I first saw the picture my mind went immediately to your wedding bouquet! I actually thought you still had it and had taken a picture of it!
    The picture and what you wrote are both thought provoking.I have long felt that physical beauty is overrated and the worn and aged roses prove my point! They have long ago lost their vibrant color but the natural beauty remains.
    Can you just imagine what was on God's mind when he created the rose petal? Talk about brilliant genius!

    1. I actually do still have my wedding bouquet. lol What can I say, I am a collector and sentimental, but no this isn't a picture of my roses. I do love it tho. I'm glad that you're going to check out writeworld, they have some very thought provoking pictures. Let me know what you write. :)