Thursday, June 6, 2013


Jessyisms: words that Jessy has made up or re-defined

Fantabulous [fan-tab-yuh-luhs]
    1. combination of the words Fantastic and Fabulous
    2. used mainly as a birthday wish
      2011; Jessyism: Born out of my addiction to Doctor Who (Fantastic is the 9th Doctors "catchword") and my love of the word Fabulous.

Holy Hannah [hoh-lee han-uh]
     1. used as an exclamation of surprise
     2. often used in place of swear words
       Before the dawn of time; Jessyism 

Linner [lin-er]
     1. combination of the words lunch and dinner
      Before the dawn of time; Jessyism

Marpril [mahr pruhl
     1. combination of the months March and April

      April 2013; Jessyism

Catch Phrases

"Whoa There Turbo" - Used as a signal to slow down or take it easy; almost always said to cars in passing or inanimate objects.

Real words that have been Jessyfied:

Peachy [pee-chee]
     1. horrible; unpleasant
     2. usually said in a high-pitched tone with emphasis on the first part of the word
     3. most commonly used on a bad day or when cranky

Things I've said when my tang gets tungled: 
These are most commonly uttered in the morning or when I'm extremely tired.

Coffa Cupee
    i.e. It's morning and I need a coffa cupee (Obviously)

Tredits Cransferred
    i.e.  Did you get your tredits cransferred to MCC?

Sayings that have been stolen: 
"...that's so stinkin' cute" - Stolen from Julie. I find myself saying this more and more especially when I am around her.
"Hello Dear (or Deary)" - Stolen from Peggy. I have never greeted someone as "Dear", I usually say "Hon" but Peggy has worn off on me.

I can't think of any more at this moment, but I'm sure there will be a part 2. :)

Your Dictionary Publisher,
Jessy <3