Saturday, September 29, 2012

101 Progress - September 2012

Well another month has come and gone, now let's see what I accomplished this month. :)

~ Blogged about my 101 progress, obviously! ;)
~ Made a pie from a recipe that I found on Pinterest! It was a Kit Kat pie and was SUPER easy!! Graham cracker crust, Cool Whip, cream cheese and Kit Kats. mmmmm The recipe was actually for Butterfinger Pie, but Kit Kat cost less at the store that I went to. lol 
~ Wrote a letter to a friend/a different friend...I'm not sure if I wrote a letter to a friend or not. But we'll say that I did and then next month I'll be sure to write down who I sent my letter to. ;)
~ Finished Reading the following book(s):, none :( I was so busy with work and school I didn't even finish the book for book club.
      Oh Wait!! I did read one book, I forgot about it because it only took like an hour to read. LOL It was called "The History of the World According to Facebook." It was basically a bunch of Facebook Statuses from people over the years. It was a little crass, a little sacrilegious sometimes but still hilarious!!! If you are a big history buff you will get a kick out of this book. LOL
~ Attended Book Club meeting...yes I did even though I didn't finish the book. It was a small meeting of 4 and two of us hadn't read the book. So we spent most of the night eating yummy desserts and talking about movies instead of books. LOL (I think I have to start over for my 6 months since I didn't read the book this month. I plan on finishing it but I must start over for my count. I wasn't very "active" this
~ Still writing in my journal albeit not as much this month but still writing.
~ Counted my pencils/pens; I'm at 277!! I got 6 new pencils this month; 2 of which were "Smencils" They came in a tube and I got one that smells like Peppermint and one that smells like Watermelon. mmmm
~ Counted my nail polish; I'm at 78. I got 4 new polishes this month which would've put me at 81, but I had to toss out three of my old ones. :( Including my black crackle polish /cry They were all too thick and the two white polishes were almost gone too. Also, if anyone finds my topcoat I would really appreciate it, the stupid thing disappeared!
~ Pedicure of the Month - Well, Dr. Who premiered the first weekend of September so I began my month of geeky nail designs with an abstract Dr. Who pedicure. :)

 ~ Song of the month: Last month I dedicated to Mom-mom, this month I am going to dedicate to my dad; he passed away from cancer on September 1, 2005. His favorite band was Pink Floyd. I listened to Pink Floyd on September 1st in memory of him; ironically this was the first song that started to play.

I can't wait to see what happens in October!!!
Jessy <3

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