Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Nail Files - 6/10/12

Ok, so I know I am a few days late on posting this, but the truth is, I didn't even paint my nails until Thursday night. Then I spent Friday hangin' at a friends house. My design this week was simple, even though it took about an hour for a design to jump out at me. LOL 

I did both my nails and my toes yellow with little smiley faces. I thought it turned out pretty cute, however trying to draw a smiley face upside down was very interesting...LOL 


Anyway, here's what they turned out like. I hope you like them. Next month I am heading to California, if you have any fun beach ideas, let me know. :) 

Your Nail Artist, 
      Jessy <3


  1. That's a great yellow color with smiley . We're FINALLY getting a Boots near me and I can't wait till I can go shopping there and buy lot of good nail paints for me.

    1. Thanks! The color is one from N.Y.C. Color. I really like their polishes. I wish I could remember the name right now, but it has escaped my mind. lol I don't think I know about Boots, what is that?