Saturday, June 30, 2012

101 Challenge - June 2012

Here's what I did in June 2012

~ Blogged about my 101 progress, obviously! ;) 
~ Attended the first meeting for the book club I'm in.
         Here is my review of The Book Thief
~ Wrote a letter to a friend
~ Finished Reading the following books:
         Fifty Shades of Grey
         A Christmas Carol
~ Read the following Dr. Seuss books:
        The Tooth Book
        Are You My Mother?!
~ Took a trip to WY to see Julie!! Thanks for getting me the ticket girl
      and for spoiling me while I was with you. ;) Here is the trip post :)
~ Still writing in my journal; I documented my whole trip. :)
~ Bought crossword puzzle book, while in WY
        Now to complete all of the puzzles. :)
~ Counted my pencils; I'm at 247 - that's 10 more since I started!!
~ Got 2 new Nail Polishes
~ Pedicure of the Month

~ I started a Rainy day fund last month but didn't really have something cute to put it in, well I found something this month. So I am officially "Feeding the Kitty" all of my change. LOL (Plus I am saving my pennies too, just in a separate tin cuz somehow you always end up with more pennies than anything else.)

~ Song of the Month: Living Addiction by Alex Goot

Matter of Fact, all of Alex's stuff is great! 
Here's a playlist with all of his songs

Your 101 in 1001 blogger,
            Jessy <3

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  1. Way to go! You are making great progress! :)