Saturday, February 25, 2012

You've Been Punk'd...

Okay not But I did have some fun with my outfits and looks this week. I performed a little experiment for my next English paper. My next paper is supposed to be an analysis. I was told to break a "social norm", which is basically just doing something different, and writing about the reactions that I got. Sorry co-workers and Facebook friends but you were my guinea pigs.

Thursday I dressed up in a formal dress to go to work. I made sure to really dress up so I did my hair, changed my makeup and made it look like I was ready for a date.

On Friday, I flipped 180 degrees and had a look inspired by Avril Lavigne, ratty hair with a little bit of red flair, dark eye makeup and bright red lipstick.

It was funny to see some of the reactions that people had on both days. However everyone really surprised me. I had really expected that I would get some sort of negative reaction to my look on Friday but I didn't.

To my friends who knew about my outfits this week, what did you really think? It's okay to be completely honest. To the rest of you, what would you think if someone came to work in either outfit?! I want every ones opinion. :)


  1. With both, I was thinking you were having fun. if someone came dressed real nice for work, I would first think they are trying to look nice either for someone or so they can feel good about themselves, maybe help get out of the dumps. The punk look, I would just think they were feeling fun.

  2. Well, my POV I would have thought you had a job interview for the first outfit. Now the other well you look quite sexy so I would have thought you were dressing up for someone. rawr...just saying

  3. LOL!! Now I have another twist to add to my analysis...the difference between what men thought vs what women Thanks for the input guys! :)

  4. Yep, two totally different perspectives there.