Friday, December 30, 2011

Being sick sucks...

It's been a while since I've been really sick, like go to the doctor sick. LOL Well of course it would have to happen the last week of my Christmas break. /sigh... This is not my idea of a vacation. lol

I must say tho, I am glad that it isn't worse. My hubby definitely has it worse. The poor guy has full blown bronchitis. :( Both the nurse and the doctor said he had a monster in his throat, lol.

The part that aggravates me about being sick is the lack of sleep at night. My cough is worse at night so it keeps me up, stupid cough. :P

Well, that is enough complaining. I had a good Christmas, aside from the sore throat. We had some good friends over and spent the afternoon with them playing Apples to Apples, I love that game. :)

Also, I finally got the iPod touch that I have wanted for what seems like forever, lol. So, on the bright side I've spent the past few days in bed, playing with my iPod. lol I tell ya between that and my phone, I never really have to leave my bed. Well, except to find something to eat and stuff.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Hopefully I will blog more, this little blogger app is actually ok. I'll just have to pay attention to auto correct. ;)


  1. I'm so sorry you guys have been sick. I hope you are both back to good as new soon!