Monday, September 5, 2011

Quizzical Question: To be friends or not to be friends? That is the question.

My friend Julie blogged about Facebook recently, in her blog post titled Facebook Reality. In her blog post, she said that even though she has all of these "friends" on Facebook the majority of the time she still ends up feeling lonely. I agree. I have 265 friends on Facebook, that is 20 less than I had 20 mins ago, but it's still a lot of friends. Out of all of my 265 friends, I probably only interact with 20, maybe 25, of them on a regular basis.

I am really glad that Facebook is around because it has helped me find some friends that I never thought I would ever get to talk to again. But at the same time, Julie's post made me start thinking about how I should really classify "friends" on Facebook. Are my FB friends really people who I consider to be my friends, are they just acquaintances, are they people I have ever met or are they someone that I even really like at all?

The truth of the matter is that I think for a while I got caught up in trying to see how many friends I could have on Facebook. In the end, I ended up adding a bunch of people that I don't really consider to be my friends.  I just went in to my friends on Facebook and deleted 20 people that I don't consider to be my friends. They were people that I really don't know, or who I feel don't know me, people who are never online, and people I have never talked to in the whole time they've been my Facebook "Friends".

I think there are still a few people on my Friends list that really shouldn't be there but I am torn. I struggle with what people will think if I suddenly don't appear on their list. I know it's kinda pathetic but I don't really want to alienate people. At the same time, I don't want to be that two-faced friend either making people believe that I am a friend when I don't really consider them a friend at all.

So tell me, those of you who are on Facebook, how do you decide which people to add as a friend and which people to ignore?

P.S. To those of you who are my friends on Facebook, don't worry. If you consider me to be your friend, chances are I think you are a pretty good friend too. :)


  1. I have about 100 people I would like to delete. My parents have friends that friend request me that I dont really know... But like you I feel bad and dont want to make them feel bad if I delete them. So I hide them.

  2. I am glad that I am not the only person who feels bad deleting people. I may hide people. Or I may just have to get over it and delete them. I bet the people that I deleted the other day prolly won't even notice that I'm

  3. lol...if you didnt friend them to begin with you wouldnt be deleting them Anyways you know me, Im not a fan of "social networking." I do however feel its good for someone that travels or moves alot. You make friends where ever you go and this is well easier for you to keep up with matter where they go. I dont agree with making friends with ppl that you really dont know and I mean never talked to in any form or fashion. The friends that I do have on my face book..let me check how many that is....well its being idiotic...I have not deleted any friends of mine but Im sure that Ive been removed from some of theirs. And if I happen to be removed from yours its fine, I understand I dont get on but maybe once a month anyways.

  4. HA!!! finally got into it...Ive got a whopping 45. And yea I know of one person who did "unfriend" me...funny thing is were friends again...just no visual Meant to add just cause you unfriend me doesnt mean Ive unfriended

  5. LOL!!! Danny don't worry you're not a person that I would "unfriend" - doesn't matter how often you log onto Facebook :) I have stopped adding people just to add people. There are tons of friend suggestions that come up that are people I know but I am learning to be selective and just add people that I want to keep in contact with :)

  6. Yea I see the little friend suggestions too. Noticed a suggestion on it today too...Pinksky Azuremyst...I do feel like I should know this person....but I just cant figure for the life of me who it could be...sigh... oh well