Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lunch Hour + No Cell Phone = Boring

I forgot my phone today and my lunch hour is rather boring. Everything I do at lunch is on my phone. I have my stupid little games that I play, my kindle is there, and of course there's always texting. I never realized how much I do on my phone. I know it's silly (and kinda sad) but I kind of feel like I left my arm at home.

This little break from my phone has caused me to try and remember what I did for lunch before my phone...Oh yeah there was this time in my life where I spent lunch with people. Of course my work atmosphere has changed and I tend to eat lunch alone more often than not.... :\ I guess that's why my phone is such a good thing to have while I'm eating; it passes the time.

On the bright side of leaving my phone at home. This little break has given me the time to blog mid-day so that's a good thing. :)

Signed, the girl who's ready to have her phone back -
Jessy <3

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