Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things That Remind Me of Fall

Fall is my favorite season, I love everything about it. Carmel Apples, Crisp Mornings, Fog, Pumpkins, Kettle Corn, Colorful Leaves, Witches and Black cats, Apple Cider, Scarecrows, Scarves and Boots, Trick or Treaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and my list could go on. When I was growing up Fall was something that I looked forward to, especially once we moved to Idaho. I only lived there a few years but I fell in love with it. The town that I lived in was small, or at least felt small, and every year they would have different festivals on Main Street. During October it was the Scarecrow festival, they would have the streets all decorated with pumpkins and hay bales, scarecrows and witches. They would make drums of kettle corn and apple cider was the drink of choice. Arizona is very different, we don't have seasons. lol So right now I am missing the old times. Here's to wishing I could bring Fall to

What reminds you of Fall or what are some of your favorite memories?


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  1. I too love fall! Actually I was reminiscing about the mountains in Utah just recently. They are usually ablaze with color this time of year. Kansas doesn't have mountains!
    I remember the first time we had kettle corn - it was in Idaho! I too, have fond memories of taking you to the Scarecrow Festival! Hugs! Mom