Friday, April 19, 2013

The Nail Files!

I think I am finally creeping out from behind the funk that I have been in; painting my nails is actually starting to be enjoyable again. YAY!! Man the things winter will do to you! lol

This weeks design was simple, fun, and cute! Those are my three favorite descriptive words. :) For this design I used another Sinful Colors polish, Dream On (Matte), a white polish, a black shatter, and NYC's Matte Me Crazy top coat. I haven't really done any matte designs before because shiny, glittery, nails make me happy, but I think the matte top coat is growing on me.

Anyway, here are two pictures of my nails from this week and before you ask, Yes that is the same color in both pictures. I know, it's crazy but true. The Dream On color really took on a chameleon's essence and drastically changed depending on the lighting. The top picture is what it looks like in the bottle, so the purple hue really threw me for a loop.

Your Nail Polish Lover,
Jessy <3