Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Things About Me: 20 Random Facts

After looking at the list of 30 things that I must disclose about myself, I've decided to start with my 20 random facts, which ironically is the first one on the list. lol There are several posts wandering around that ask you to list your favorite things, or have specific facts that they want you to answer, I will try to make these different. (I said try so don't judge if I list a couple of my favorites lol)

  1. I have never had a broken bone. 
  2. My first official job (other than babysitting) was at Firebird Raceway in Idaho. 
  3. While growing up I lived in the same house for 11 years and have moved 8 times since then.
  4. I suck at math; worst subject EVER. I have a love/hate relationship with math, I love to hate it. lol
  5. I listen to almost every genre of music. Music ♫ = Life
  6. I have worked at my current job for 9 years and I absolutely love it!
  7. I still have a stuffed animal collection.
  8. I could never begin to tell you what my favorite movie is, or what my favorite song/singer would be. Seriously. I wouldn't be able to even narrow down a favorite by genre.
  9. I have a tendency to always get the same meals at restaurants, I like what I like and I'm not too adventurous. It makes being married to a chef very interesting. lol
  10. I can rarely go one day without drinking coffee, it has been known to happen but not often. This year I have become a coffee snob and prefer French Press coffee over anything else. lol
  11. I have had epilepsy since I was a baby. 
  12. I am addicted to purses. I don't feel that I can ever have too many, my husband believes otherwise.
  13. I don't believe that you are ever too old to color with crayons.
  14. I am a professional procrastinator.
  15. I love crafts of all sorts but my latest craft has been knitting.
  16. I have never been to any of the New England states. I would love to go someday!
  17. I'm addicted to the Candy Crush game on Facebook.
  18. I would love to be a world traveler! I really want to visit Europe, Paris and England in particular. 
  19. I'm constantly on the look out for the perfect shampoo and conditioner (preferably one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg). I have yet to find the perfect combo for my temperamental hair.
  20. I have been singing since I could talk; I sing even when I don't know I'm singing.

YAY!! I came up with 20 which weren't your typical "My favorite (fill in the blank) is...." Hopefully even my close friends learned something new about me, probably not but I can dream. lol

Jessy <3

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