Sunday, February 17, 2013

101 Progress: "Once a Month" Fail

O.Kaaay... Well, it's been a while. I thought I would take some time today and blog about my 101 in 1001 progress. I have been really busy lately and haven't posted anything about my progress since September 2012. I guess I didn't meet the "Blog about my progress every month" challenge. I have decided that on my next list I am not going to put a deadline (like once a month) on myself. Life is just WAY too busy for that. So here is my update and some snippets about my life since September.

~ Visited Sarah & Rachel in October 2012, we had a blast! It was actually pretty relaxing and I will have to blog about it, because fun was had by all.
~ Hosted a Christmas Craft Party at my house in December. I had Crystal & D'Arcy, as well as Peggy & Sarah over to make Christmas ornaments. I think this is going to quickly become a Christmas tradition. :) 
~ Got a nice digital camera for Christmas so I guess I don't need to buy one.
~ Finally got nail stamps!!! My mommy gave them to me for my birthday. I love her. :)
~ Actually hung a picture in my office. I know hanging one picture probably doesn't really count as "Decorating" your office. But hey, it's a start - don't judge me. LOL
~ In January, I finally got the guts to dye my hair a freaky color. I bleached my hair and then used a wash-out color to dye it red/pink. It was awesome; the reactions from everyone were classic. LOL

~ My latest accomplishment is finding a pen pal!! I actually have two! I am part of the 20 Something blogger community, which I'm not really active in. But they sent out a request for postcard buddies and I jumped at the chance! I just got my two names on Valentine's Day so I haven't had a chance to contact them yet, but one is from Canada and the other is from Spain, so I'm pretty excited to get to know them! :)

Things that I have kept up with:
~ Pedicure of the month; Okay I didn't do a cute pedi in January but I did paint my toe nails. And I haven't done anything this month, but the month isn't over :)
~ Song of the month!
   October 2012 - Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5; For some reason that song was STUCK in my head like the whole month! I even made it my ring tone for a while.
   November 2012 - Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt; Ok, so I just randomly picked this song because nothing stuck out for November, but I was technically already listening to Christmas music.
   December 2012 - Mele Kalikimaka by Bing Crosby for Mark Anderson, who retired from MCC and moved to Hawaii
   January 2013 - The One that Got Away by P!nk; I love this song. :)

Count Update:
I currently own
  ~ 88 bottles of nail polish, 96 if you count nail polish pens. (I count them, so
  ~ 295 pens/pencils for my collection. I am pretty proud of the fact that 278 of those are pencils; I only have 17 pens! :)

Things I am refusing to talk about:
~ My weight loss goal... um...yeah.
~ My "progress" on books that I read.
~ Letters that I have written - I sent Christmas cards to some people, does that count?

I think that concludes the list of accomplishments over the past few months. I have been busy with school, I finished ENG102 last semester. And I'm currently taking PSY101 and BPC110 (a very basic computer class). I am taking the BPC class so that I will have a study-buddy for Math, but I am actually learning a few little tricks that I didn't know about Microsoft Office. Hopefully my schedule will allow me to blog more.

Until next time,
Jessy <3


  1. First off...Christmas Cards totally count!! That's more than I did!! And I think you are doing fantastic!! You really have things in perspective. And, sorry...nail blogger part of me, is thrilled with your 96 bottles of nail polish!!

    1. I'm so glad Christmas cards count!!! So I guess I kept up with December. However, three people may be getting Christmas in July. LOL I still have their cards plus a little something extra. lol

      Thanks for the encouragement about my list. As I wrote down things that I had done I realized that I HAD been doing things, whether I blogged about it or not.

      And also, even tho I'm not an avid nail blogger, I am pretty excited about my nail polish collection too!! I don't know how happy my hubby is, but guys don't get it anyway. LOL

  2. Jessica.
    I love reading your blogs. thanks. :)