Friday, July 27, 2012

The Nail Files! 7/27/12

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Ok, so it's been a couple weeks. I have had had 3 different designs since I last posted. So here we go.

I went to California for a few days and came up with something really simple for my few days before my Cali trip. I did a french mani with green glitter on the natural part of the nail and then aqua tips. Loved it!

Once in Cali, my mom and I went to Ulta! So after a major shopping spree we ended up doing pedicures (another thing to check off on my list 101 things in 1001 days). My mom got a really pretty red at Ulta. We were staying in Anaheim so I could not resist a Disney themed pedicure. I ended up doing the same design on my nails because I loved it so much! 

This weeks mani was really simple and really hard to see through my crappy webcam but it is really pretty irl. It is black with Sally Hansen's Vintage Violet crackle and a little bit of glitter. The contrast between the black and the purple is really subtle but looks really cool! I find that crackles have more crackle to them if you do something other than just a straight line, so I like to scatter mine. A straight line down, a couple diagonal, some slanted inward, some outward - just try to keep it all one coat and don't have a lot of overlap.

I got some cool nail polish at Ulta in Cali. I got 2 crackles and some magnetic polish! I am soooooo excited about the magnetic polish. I have to get some fun magnets for it tho, cuz the one that came with the little set (it was a set of 4 mini polishes) sucks and only has one line. :( I'm sure I can find some fun magnet on Amazon or something. I can't wait!!! :D

Your polish-holic,
 Jessy <3


  1. Those are so cute! I really love the Disney ones. :)

    1. Thanks Julie!!! I think they turned out cute! :)

  2. being a dude and all I'm not a fan of the nail polish stuff but just wanted to say the first one there with the agua color looks good like that. I hope you paint your toes. You ladies always have the prettiest toes all painted up...just saying.

    1. Thanks Danny!! It was even better in person. :)