Friday, June 1, 2012

The Nail Files 6/1/12

Okay so this week, I did a cute camo & dogtag design for Memorial day.  I used all acrylic paint for the first time ever, simply because I didn't have the nail polish colors to do a realistic camo design. LOL I was excited to see how long the acrylic polish would last - I had hoped that it would last longer than regular nail polish. I was sadly mistaken. :( 

Before I used the acrylic paint, I checked online to see if it was really ok to use on your nails. Everyone said to just be sure and apply a base coat, which I usually do anyway. However, the only base coat I have is Bonder by ORLY. I didn't think it would be good to "bond" acrylic paint to my nails, so I used a top coat as a base coat instead. I think this was a bad idea. It was kind of a crappy top coat to begin with and my cute polish design came off the very next day. :( I was really sad because it was so cute. Luckily, I did take pics of the design before it chipped away. lol

Later in the week, the nails on my right hand, started chipping, peeling and breaking so I ended up have to cut my nails really short. :( Which almost made me jk ;) Since I was sad and my nails looked short and stubby I decided that they needed nail polish. At least it would make me feel better, since nail art is kind of a cheap form of therapy to me. lol So I asked on Facebook, What color should paint my nails?! One of my friends recommended blue with polka-dots. I have my cool dotting tools in all sizes so that's just I did. I think this design turned out really cute too. :) 

I hope you liked these designs. I would really love to try the acrylic paint again, so if anyone has any tips or tricks, they would be greatly appreciated. :) 

Until Next Time
     Jessy <3

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