Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

What is a Mother? She is kind, loving, nurturing, and understanding. She is someone to look up to, she is beautiful, she makes you smile and she loves you no matter what you do.

When you are little she needs to be firm but she also makes owies better. She is a teacher, she is a chauffeur, she loves you more than you realize.

When you grow up she is a friend. She is someone to lean on, someone who gives advice, someone who prays for you and will pray for you when you can't speak through your tears. She still loves you more than you realize.

I haven't become a mother yet but the depths of a mothers love is not only visible in the mothers around me, but they are also evident within my own mother.

My mother and I had a rough beginning but she has always chosen me and Alex (my brother) above all else. Looking back at the times that were hard she always made sure we were taken care of and had what we needed.She always put her kids first, even if that meant that she went without. When I was little I didn’t see it. But now, looking back at my childhood I can see the sacrifices that were made. I can see the love that was there, even when we had our differences.

I have had the privilege of having a wonderful relationship with my mother. We have had our moments, all mothers and daughters do, but fort he most part all I have are very fond memories. We’ve been through a lot together. During my teen years, when most kids are in their rebellious stage,my dad left. I feel that experience drew my mother, my brother and I closer than ever. We were not your typical family. Oh, sure I still squabbled with my brother, but I feel like were the Three Amigos stickin’ it out till the end. I believe my mom and I became friends during my teen years as opposed to later in life and I am so grateful for that. We have enjoyed great things. We’ve gone out for tea, spent hours playing Hand & Foot, gone on trips, made jewelry together, spent more hours searching for her keys or glasses and so many other things.

This Mother’s Day my mom is in Kansas; that’s where she lives now. I am very happy for her, she has a wonderful life there with her hubby but I miss her. We talk on the phone every week and Skype sometimes but that just isn’t the same and we all know it. lol

This year I am broke and I really wish that I could just spoil my mom on Mother’s Day cuz she definitely deserves it. But instead I have written her a letter. If I know her as well as I think I do, my thoughts and memories will mean more to her than any gift I would give her.

This is for you Mom.

Dear Mom,
I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start in the beginning. Even though there were some bumps in the very beginning of my life,you have always chosen me and I don’t know if I have ever thanked you for that.So, thank you! I have always admired your courage.

Throughout my life you have always been there for me. You have always been loving and supportive. You have always known which battles to fight, and which ones could be left alone. Someday, when I’m a mom, I hope to be at least half the mom that you are.

My whole life I have been told by pretty much everyone I meet, “You look so much like your mother.” Most kids would cringe or roll their eyes, but I am proud to look like you. You are beautiful – inside and out. You are beautiful because you look to see the best in people and you always want to help. As I have grown up, I have watched you grow into this person who can’t do enough for those around you. I don’t think the word“No” is in your vocabulary. I’ve seen you with too much on your plate but somehow you always pull everything off. Then seeing how happy you are in the end lets me know that all the stress was worth it for you. The drive that you have to serve others is inspiring and makes me want to be more like you everyday.

I miss you now that we live so far apart. I know I say, “I miss you” every time I talk to you but I don’t think I tell you what I miss. I miss sipping coffee together, and I miss going out for tea. I miss the little adventures that we would have around town, and I miss the big adventures that crossed over states. I miss playing games with you, especially Hand & Foot. I miss simply sitting and talking about everything and nothing at the same time. I miss your hugs.

So on this Mother’s Day, and everyday really, I want you to know that you are loved and admired. You make me smile. You are my inspiration.You are one of my closest friends. Best of all you are my Mother and I love you more than you realize.

With all my love,

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